Lapsed into a coma a star “Freestyle” hiding from the paparazzi in Kiev

Впавшую в кому звезду «Фристайла» прячут от папарацци в Киеве


In Kiev from prying paparazzi hiding a star “Freestyle” Nina, Kira stroke and lapsed into a coma. Information provided by the producer of group “Tender may” Andrei Razin.

During the attack, which occurred June 1, Kira was home alone. The terrible consequences of stroke can be blocked, but there was no one. Some days the artist spent in the kitchen and was hospitalized when friends raised the alarm. Forecasts are disappointing, but the doctors fight for life of 55-year-old singer.

Director stars of the 80s announced the collection of funds for treatment Nina Kirso. Ukrainian artists and the group “freestyle” has organized several charity concerts and all the money raised sent to the hospital, whose name is not called.

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