Large peat fire in Latvia is very close to the border with Russia

Крупный торфяной пожар в Латвии вплотную приблизился к границе с Россией

In Karsava region of Latvia near the border with Russia there was a major fire on a peat bog, reports TASS. From-for a strong wind fire spreads quickly and threatens to spread to the nearest forest.

According to State firefighting and rescue service (SFRs) of Latvia, the fire broke out July 1 and is accompanied by strong smoke. The fire area of about 20 hectares: 14 hectares of swamps and six hectares of forest. Burning peat, loaded on wooden pallets, as well as clusters of rocks on Berzowska peat bog.

“Fighting is complicated by a strong wind, which allows the flame to spread, the shortage of sites for water, and that in four kilometres from border with Russia, and the fire might spread through it,” said GPSS.

The fire is not yet possible to localize. In extinguishing involved 30 firefighters and 12 aircraft and a helicopter of the National armed forces. Another bird is watching from the air the condition of the area and the spread of fire.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the area of forest fires in Russia has increased to almost 40 thousand hectares. As noted, the fire appeared in ten regions of the country.