Large “umbrella” save the Earth from global warming

Большой «зонт» спасет Землю от глобального потепления

The scientific staff of the rocket and space Corporation offer to protect the Earth from global warming using a large “umbrella”. This will allow 30 years to reduce the world temperature by 0.3 degrees Celsius. Materials specialists published in the journal “Space technology”.

The authors of the project argue that the main element of backup space energoleasing complex, which adjusts the thermal regime of the earth’s atmosphere is Solnechnogorsky ship patrolling autoregulator climate (BARK). Its radius is 220 km and a maximum weight of 800 thousand tons. It starts at the Lagrange point between the Sun and Earth (the place in space where gravity is balanced by the Sun and Earth, and 2.57 million kilometers from the planet) and blocks the flow coming from the stars radiation.

By calculations of experts if the participating countries will carry out the Paris agreement on climate adjusted to start reducing emissions in 2030, the space system, in the case of its launch in 2070, will be able to reduce in 30 years the global temperature of the planet by 0.3 degrees Celsius.

The scientific staff of the call as early as possible to start implementing the project to increase the efficiency of space system for regulate the thermal regime of the Earth’s atmosphere, to forestall the disappearance of the polar caps on the planet.

BARK, the authors propose to make on the moon from lunar materials by the hands of robots under the control of the people.

Earlier it was reported that due to global warming, the extinction may begin with ocean, because marine species from increased temperatures affected twice more than land.