Laser hair removal: what, where and how?

Summer is coming soon! And that means it’s time to start getting rid of excess hair…what type of hair removal to choose where to do and what to expect….

Лазерна епіляція: що, де і як?

If you’re focused on results, know this: today the gold standard is a procedure with long-term use of diode laser. It works on the skin and hair of any color (does not take only the gray hair), a minimum causes discomfort and is not time consuming — for and loved by the girls. And salons: epilation under the slogan “fast, does not hurt forever” offer, along with haircuts and manicures at every corner. But should I trust these sites? Parse the points, reports Rus.Media.

1. Staff

To get rid of hair by laser is not the same as to tweeze or to wax strips. This is a full medical procedure that must be performed by qualified medical personnel on prescription. And the procedure should be conducted in an institution having a valid license to conduct medical activities. Therefore, when the beauty salon next door with you offer a “quick wax” with a laser, know that it may be illegal, and the responsibility for the result will take anyone.

There is another argument in favor of the clinics: beautician needs every time to inspect the skin for tumors and tape up the moles, and to inform you about the doubts in safety procedures or even a guide on hormonal evaluation — all this is to trust the dermatologist and not the random wizard.


x inside: you can meet professionals with no medical training

V in a clinic: as a rule, the procedure can be performed cosmetologists and dermatologists

Лазерна епіляція: що, де і як?

2. Equipment

Machines for laser hair removal have 4, the highest hazard class and work with them can only staff with extensive experience. Failure to comply with security measures can easily burn the skin or damage your vision. It is no coincidence that during the session, clients wear special glasses and sit like at a fashion show! By the way, about the protection of the eyes: in questionable places can give the fake glasses that slightly obscure the vision, but do not protect against outbreaks of the laser. Knowing all this, before the procedure be sure to ask with certificates for equipment, and along with expert opinion on the conformity of premises of the state sanitary-epidemiological standards, as manicures, styling and Solarium — not the best neighbours of the laser.


x inside: professionals may not comply with safety regulations, and the Cabinet — not to conform to the standards

V in the clinic: doctors are trained and familiar with the equipment, it is regularly THE materials and tools sterile

Лазерна епіляція: що, де і як?

3. Price issue

In beauty salons hair removal really is inexpensive. This is understandable: a large flow of customers allows to reduce the cost of procedures. But it may limp safety, and not only: there are cases when service providers save on timely replacement of nozzles and continue to use the old, thus negating the effectiveness of hair removal.


V salon: epilation is 20-30% cheaper

x in the clinic: safety and effectiveness have to pay more

But — hurray-hurray! — there are places where you can do waxing professionally and inexpensively. Point on the map — the medical center EPILAS, which spetsializiruyutsya it for laser hair removal. If normal clinics a variety of sometimes expensive equipment can be idle and forced to Jack up the price of services, here the opposite is true: there is only one type of laser — one of the newest MeDioStar NeXT PRO, and devices purchased just enough to meet the demand. Doctors know the device, But it may help to get rid of acne, whiten skin and reduce wrinkles, but one of its main advantages is to remove any unnecessary vegetation. A pleasant system of discounts and batch programs allows you not to lose together with the excess hair polzarplaty.

Лазерна епіляція: що, де і як?


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