Last goodbye Marylène Levesque

Dernier au revoir à Marylène Levesque

The family of Marylène Levesque, brutally killed in a hotel in Quebec city, gathered Saturday to say a final goodbye.

His friends will remember a person’s “loving, charming, passionate, and who loved greatly the life”.

“I think [this memory of her as this], it is the most beautiful homage that one can render him. This is something that is very difficult for us,” says Ariane Garneau, a friend.

They wish, moreover, that the event, thanks to its scale, will serve to change things.

Despite the heartache and the difficult times, his friends try to preserve the identity of the young woman in this difficult day.

“Obviously it is sad, but Marylène loved a lot of happiness. It was a person smiling. It is sure that we are trying precisely to find a little bit of joy in us, to remember the good times,” says her friend.

His relatives had launched a campaign of sociofinancement to be able to pay the costs associated with funerals.

No less than 17 000$ have been raised.

“This is really great, it is super generous. We are really pleased about that,” said his former roommate, Max Launched.

“We are all very touched by the generosity of the people. Having seen how the world has held as much as us to pay tribute to him in the same way that everything in the world, it’s a really heart-warming,” adds Michael Paradise, a friend.

Funeral services were held at the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, in the Saguenay, where the 22-year old woman was originally.

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