“Last stop”: cleaning your transport

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Vera Farmiga makes a proposal in an amazing and lucrative to Liam Neeson.

With only a few years younger, Liam Neeson would have probably fought hard to get his place in the universe flashy superhero, which allows him to satisfy his thirst of battle with the villains of all the galaxies.


Since The Taken, Pierre Morel, the actor at the mine, dark and gravelly voice is fun to play brawler aging thanks to its association with Jaume Collet-Serra. Because after Unknown, Non-Stop and Run All Night, Neeson was still ready for another bullfight, signed by the filmmaker from Barcelona, this time by train, and in New York in addition, where the public transport system makes all of the days headlines for its state of advanced disrepair. There would be a horror film to achieve, but the tandem displays of other concerns.


Always with the same fervor, Jaume Collet-Serra rod dipped into the vast pool of creative Alfred Hitchcock, who also is inspired by the trains to enclose its characters or allow the metaphors are sexual, the most famous being the finale of North by Northwest. And with its vague resemblance to Eva Marie Saint, Vera Farmiga has this look icy, which would have pleased the master of suspense, presented here by stealth to offer to Michael (Neeson), a proposal amazing, and lucrative.


Because the seller of the insurance has just learned of his dismissal, and he is drowning the sounds of the debts. This mission, if by chance he accepts it, is to discover the identity of a passenger is valuable for those who are going to carry out this former police officer by the end of her nose, threatening to take her family if he does not perform his task, having already laid hands on some greenbacks hidden in the toilet of a wagon.


The result, woven by three writers, including two of their first weapons, stretches up to the excess travel inordinately long, taking also this idea of hitchcock on the art of killing in the form of decor. In The Switch, the sliding door, the axes of relief and the vertical bars often become the best allies of the puppet manly controlled by spirits corrupt. The man has lost none of his dexterity — Michael is a former police officer, a detail not negligible, plunging his enemies in the lurch and the last passengers of the train in a admiration smug.


What looked like a game almost brain on the art of discovering the intruder in the crowd quickly becomes a race against the clock, and a potential derailment in a controlled deployment, and minimalist special effects. Again, in the middle of the scrap twisted and wagons, catapulted far away from the rails, justice and the forces of law and order find their letters of nobility, while the family clan of the hero for a time weakened recomposes itself in a unit of caring. In this, this film that flies faster than an Amtrak train arrives alive and well at destination station ” Small-Moral-Predictable “.

Last judgment (V. F. of The Switch)
★★ 1/2

Thriller from Jaume Collet-Serra. With Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Sam Neil. United states, 2017, 106 minutes.

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