Laughter during sex: how to get out of awkward situations

That there is laughter during sex and how to react to it

Сміх під час сексу: як вийти з незручної ситуації

It is known that laughter is very helpful. It can help you relieve stress and even prolong life. To laugh people watch Comedy and go to concerts of famous comedians. But how to react if your partner decided to laugh during intimacy? Or you suddenly realize that you suddenly attack rolls unbridled amusements, to cope with which you simply can not. And well, if you and your husband have been together for a long time and are in a strong relationship of trust. But if recently?

What is the reason?

There may be several. Sometimes it can be banal tickling, which occurs due to a too light touch to the skin during foreplay or intercourse. To avoid this, your strokes should be light, but confident. If you feel something like – do not hesitate to tell your partner about it, reports Rus.Media.

Sometimes laughter can occur during orgasm as a discharge of the nervous system. Just someone in this case, cries, groans, curses, and someone laughing. This is normal, especially after a long sexual abstinence, or nervous tension. After all, sex is not only a physical act but emotional intimacy. Another issue is that such an unexpected reaction can frighten or bring down the mood of the partner. So if you go to bed together for the first time and, you know for a such a “sin”, it is better to warn him about it.

If you think it inappropriate, you will have to hide your face in a pillow and pretend that you are laughing, and struggling in the throes of passion. And laugh, out of bed.

When you don’t have to feel ashamed of his laughter?

Much easier, if we are talking about a permanent partner with whom you can feel free to Express emotions and be yourself. He knows you like no other, and your emotional reactions will not cause him a shock.

Particularly relevant jokes and laughter, when you are in a good mood after a good time spent, quality of sex, and if your couple decided to tease and joke over each other. But here you need to know as to not go too far and the joke was not an insult. For example, the joke about his funny underwear quite harmless, but about manhood is better not to joke. Even if he didn’t let on that your words had hurt him, a residue will be left. Take care of the feelings of their loved ones and let the laughter often sounds in your home.

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