Laurence Jalbert in confinement: “hear Me-you? makes me believe in the future”

Laurence Jalbert en confinement: «M’entends-tu? me fait croire en l’avenir»

Laurence Jalbert has found a kind of well-being since the beginning of the containment, having had to postpone a forty performances scheduled in the coming months.

“It may seem strange coming from me, but I am the most wild that exists on the planet. I have a need of silence. “

As soon as the first ad government, to march 12, the singer, who will be 61 years old in August, has quickly quarantine preventive. “I was coming to give shows in Florida, she said. We didn’t know at that time that it was going to show up as quickly. “

Since then, she lives her confinement at home alone with his dog dachshund almost two years. “Lucky I did, otherwise I would find the time long, that’s for sure. It is called Lucien Boyer, as the humorist of the time of the cabarets. I call it “my blessed Lucien,” because he is always happy, him ! “

“A series of extraordinary “

Separated from her six grandchildren (” I find it long ! “), Laurence Jalbert be entertained these days by watching tv series and several films. His love of the small screen ? The series to Me do you hear?.

“I’m not bored not to review it. This series-there responds to everything I need. When I watch a series, I analyze everything, it is tiring ! Nobody wants to watch tv with me (laughs). But hear Me-you ?, it makes me smile, it makes me believe in the future. It puts you also in the face of what the society in which one lives. This misery-there is. I found this series extraordinary, really. “

The singer is full of praise for the three main actresses, Florence Longpré, Eve Landry and Mélissa Bédard. “These three girls, it was crazy ! Mélissa Bédard, I know in real life and I never thought she would escape like that. But it is so it, there. This is why we believe in it. “

Each day, at 13 pm, Laurence Jalbert is also faithful to the position to press the government of quebec. “François Legault, it is my new best friend. I was not at all pro-Legault before and I see how solid it is, he has guts and tact. Him, Ms. McCann and Dr. Arruda, this are my models of total control these days, while being reassuring. “

Singing lessons

Great film, Laurence Jalbert has had several blows of heart for movies lately. “I watched him a Liar, with Louis-José Houde et Antoine [Bertrand] and I laughed a lot. I’ve even recommended it to my grandchildren. “

On a more serious, she mentions having greatly enjoyed the film of François Girard, The song of names. “It is sublime, beautiful. It ships in a universe. “

Musically, Laurence Jalbert has particularly enjoyed the new albums by Marie-Pierre Arthur (” it’s like a little sister to me “), Cindy Bédard (” it’s music that gives me chills to the soul “) and Louis-Jean Cormier (” Louis-Jean, it is someone in Québec needs “).

Since it will no longer give concerts for a good time, Laurence Jalbert— wanted to continue to exercise its votes during this leave forced. “I started to take singing lessons, she says. One never stops learning. I do online tutorials with an american professor. I find his methods very interesting and it allows me to go even further. “

Laurence Jalbert knows too how will be its business in the fall. “It is a concern for me. But it is nothing to be baited. We need to rethink this business until there is a vaccine. I don’t panic. I reassured the others. “

The suggestions of Laurence Jalbert

Tv shows

  • Me do you hear ?
  • The press of François Legault


  • Liar
  • The song of names
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