Laurie Blouin is crossing fingers, but not the arms

Laurie Blouin se croise les doigts, mais pas les bras

As all of the athletes and the general population, Laurie Blouin tries to keep in shape as best she can in these times of confinement.

“I try to keep myself busy and stay in shape. My physical therapist gave me weights. I use the box of my truck to do jumps. I train with what I have on hand. I walk in the woods, I ride my bike, I walk my dog”, has described the boarder of québec in an interview with the morning show on TVA, Salut Bonjour, Sunday.

Blouin shared on Instagram the exercises that she imagines.

During the interview, there was also the issue of the documentary “Uprise”, which sums up her year 2019, and the season 2020, which was abruptly ended due to the coronavirus.

“It stopped from one day to the next day. I’m glad that I made this season. It is flat, but it is health that counts. I hope that the next season will not be delayed. It remains to be seen.”

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