Lavrov in America. Why no Russia trump cannot solve the global problems of war and peace

Лавров в Америке. Почему без России Трамп не может решать глобальные проблемы войны и мира

© TASS/POOLwas more than twenty years since 24 March 1999 Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov turned his plane over the Atlantic (near Newfoundland), eliminating the visit to the United States. It happened once with him on the phone contacted the then Vice-President al Gore, reported, that NATO began bombing Yugoslavia.The Americans then played a fine game. On the one hand, they waited until Primakov will fly and even do most of the way. They clearly did not expect that he will turn back, already almost having reached the destination. On the other hand, coming from the plane, Primakov had already know that the bombing began. Thus, Russia was forced not to just accept the actual state of Affairs, and de facto endorse his visit the Prime Minister held after the bombing. Primakov only for this turn deserves a monument from a grateful Fatherland, which he saved from the inevitable humiliation at the last moment jumped out ready to be sprung the trap.

Twenty years have passed and America routinely arrived Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov (recall that until the appointment of Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov has also worked as a Minister for foreign Affairs). On the way in the US, Lavrov left the room at the Paris meeting in the Normandy format, where France, Germany and Russia once again tried to persuade Ukraine to buckle down and not disturb decent people to settle their own Ukrainian crisis, stop destroying the country’s civil war. Ukraine kochevryazhitsya, looking at America (not arrive they help), but twenty years ago, to think about that in the main settlement mechanism of the largest European crisis in General are not presented to US, it was impossible. And now Lavrov arrives in Washington and tells the Secretary Pompeothat, as Zelensky twitched, and confirm fully the Minsk agreements (from the first to the last paragraph) made him. Pompeo and simply takes note of this.Of course, the Secretary of state says common phrases that Moscow should not interfere in the US presidential election in 2020. This Lavrov meets something like the Council to understand to begin with Ukrainian interference in the last elections, which the US still can’t move. And that’s all. Further, parties to a constructive and interested discussion of the global agenda.

Discusses really the whole world: China and Korea, Japan and the middle East, Syria and Libya, Venezuela and Israel, Iran and Yemen. Separately talked about buried US alive until the INF Treaty and start-3 (the last document regulating strategic nuclear balance, the validity of which will expire in a year).

The US never discuss with anyone the issues they can solve on their own. In the best case after the fact are informed about your decision as informed Gore Primakov about the bombing of Yugoslavia. If the Secretary of state discuss with Lavrov the entire global agenda, so, unlike Russia, without costing America in Syria and the Ukrainian crisis, Washington of Moscow without its global problems to resolve not.

The Americans, of course, bet even still trying to impose their vision of global processes. But still no spark. Obama was the last U.S. President who believed that it can break the Russian economy in tatters and on its ruins to dictate Russia the rules of the game. After it, US authorities are more concerned with preserving the remnants of their own economic stability than an assault on the Russian.

Of inertia of the expansionist policy continues. Congress, the Pentagon and the state Department are dissatisfied with the “peacefulness” of trump, which is still not unleashed any own war (except for shopping) and trying to slowly stop Obama’s and Bush’s hot war, to pull out of all these many conflicts American tail. But the old enthusiasm anymore. Trump and focused on it part of the elite and society understand that America needs a peaceful respite to restore order in his own house. And it is a break of more than one year and not five years. Even if everything goes relatively quiet and painless, the US recovery will need at least one or even two decades. If the breakdown of the American economy into a depression unavoidable (and this is the more likely option), then America will still have to look at the world is not the rule, and humanitarian aid.

However, while the US strong, I hope to resist and try to negotiate the preservation of certain spheres of influence. Because his own powers to retain spheres of vital interests them is not enough, the US is trying to guarantee their interests from Russia.

If Washington during the long years of world domination have not forgotten the meaning of compromise, this issue would already be resolved. Neither Russia nor China are not going to encroach on the whole world. They only want that States were free to make choices in favor of certain political and economic decisions in favor of a Union. In the world there are still areas (Canada, Britain, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand), where the influence of the United States absolutely or close to absolute. No one is going there to push. The more that sooner or later they leave themselves. But America is still trying to save all, nothing to give.

Previously, the United States relied on military power. Now not those times, we have to negotiate, but talking to Lavrov, trying to negotiate, the Americans are still trying to agree on the preservation of Pax Americana. Even people who understand the real state of Affairs, at whatever stage of the American hierarchy as they were, nothing I can do about this inadequacy, and forced to comply with the rules of the game.On the one hand, the topics discussed during Lavrov’s visit, so important to US that after Pompeo it takes trump to re-discuss the same topics and to emphasize their desire to visit Moscow on may 9 next year according to the invitation received from Putin at the G-20 in Japan. On the other hand, trump is so dependent on the internal political squabbles in the US that I have to repeat Lavrov nonsense about Russia’s intervention in the elections. Since Moscow is accused that she “chose trump” in 2016, trump statements sound like: “don’t choose me in 2020”.

Trump a very intelligent man. He’s one of the few Americans who really understand how deep the crisis was the US and how horrible the further the fall, they face almost inevitable (unless just lucky). But the Democrats play the impeachment, and he cannot be allowed a fatal mistake that would allow his opponents to unite against the President of the Senate, where yet trump the majority.

Today, the situation looks like this: the Democrats bring impeachment to a vote in the House of representatives, which is the minimum majority vote for the forced resignation of the trump. Then it goes to the Senate, where Republicans begin to Lord it over the Democrats, causing them inconvenient for witnesses and rinsing dirty linen Biden, Clinton , and other globalists on everyone’s mind. After the Republicans will niteshade the wonders of his own courage and completely inmaculate the rating of Democrats, the Senate refuses to support impeachment, and trump wins the election.

The globalists know that if this scheme is implemented, they will not rise. They and Congress Trump then lose, then they will remember everything. Their only chance is to find against trump something that will make the Senate (where Republicans have the majority) to speak out against trump. It has to be something damning, because the Republicans can not understand that, betraying trump, they give the Democrats the government at least eight, or even sixteen years. In addition, it would mean the end of the careers of many Republican senators and congressmen.

Of course, “ties with Russia” — one of the most promising of the charges. Nevertheless, Russia is so important for US that trump is at risk and takes Lavrov in the oval office. Though the visit could be limited to meeting with Pompeo, at least with Vice President of the Penny.

This is nothing more than a gesture. Anything to what Pompeo said, trump added. And I would, but after the Democrats made it a rule to sniff the transcript of every conversation that obviously had to be careful. But this gesture says a lot. Not only during the Premiership of Primakov, but ten to twenty years later, American presidents did not feel the need for this kind gestures.Rostislav Ishchenko

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