Lavrov praised Zelensky-growing forces of the APU in Gold

Лавров похвалил Зеленского за разведение сил ВСУ в Золотом

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the breeding of troops from the demarcation line in Gold. Sergei Lavrov said that after the authorities came to Zelensky, the situation in the Donbass “has changed for the better”.The head of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs said during a meeting with Secretary General of the OSCE Thomas Greminger. Sergei Lavrov mentioned in a speech, the breeding of forces on the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions on the boundary line. He noted that the agreement on breeding have been achieved in 2016-m to year at the summit “channel four”.

Lavrov commented on the actions Zelensky at the head of the state
“In the Village of Lugansk and Gold began breeding forces. Volunteer battalions ultraradicals, of course, said that will not go away, however, Zelensky President, as commander in chief, will have to ensure the execution of orders. During the time when the country is led by Poroshenko, the Russian Federation had the impression that he does not want to end the conflict in the Donbass, but instead it sounded different reasons that have pushed this withdrawal of forces”, – summed up Sergey Lavrov.

In Petrovsky was recorded fire fighters. Yet we are told that netizens strongly reacted to the disengagement in Gold, which began Zelensky.

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