Law 15 the Court of appeal: the FISA considers that the CUPE has spoken too fast

Loi 15 en Cour d’appel: la FISA estime que le SCFP a parlé trop vite

The independent Federation des syndicats autonomes (FISA) court that the canadian Union of public employees (FCFP) spoke too soon in announcing its intention to challenge in appeal the judgment of the superior Court on the law 15 and the pension plans in the municipal world.

In a statement released Friday, the president of the FISA – which represents employees of several municipalities in Quebec – is a discourse that demonstrates a lot of restraint and that jars with that of the president of CUPE Québec, Marc Ranger.

In an interview Thursday evening, a few hours after you have obtained a copy of the judgment, the latter had already announced frankly that the trade unions interjetteraient appeal from the decision of the superior Court, dissatisfied with their half-victory.

The judge Benoît Moulin gave reason to the unions by invalidating articles of the law 15 on the non-indexing of pensions for retirees, but it rejected their other claims, confirming that the State had the right to pass a law that requires the 50/50 split of the deficits of the pension plans in the municipalities.

“We are very happy for the pensioners of the province. I have great respect for Mr. Ranger, but I find that it is premature today to say that we will appeal. You can’t appeal just because you don’t agree. It is necessary to go to appeal to challenge a point of law, and we will start by analyzing the judgment,” responded the president of the FISA, Réal Pleau, in an interview.

Surprised by this output, which gives the impression of an erosion of union solidarity, Marc Ranger did not want to address his vis-à-vis. He says, moreover, have the support of several other trade union confederations to continue the legal battle. “I talked to the main players, the CSN, the Federation of police officers of Montreal, the Association of municipal police officers and everyone is in the same place”.

“We, we don’t need to take a few more weeks. The question does not arise. This is not the number of pages, which determines the scope of a decision. It was read yesterday and we saw elements, immediately, that lead us to say that we continue,” said Mr. Ranger.

Reaction of Labeaume

When asked about the judgment of the superior Court, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the marché public de Sainte-Foy, the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, has not been very talkative.

“It’s going to appeal. We will see what will happen. What I understood of the judgment, the most important part is that we had negotiated as a new system of bargaining in the municipal sector, it is legal. This is the big piece. The decision not to index the pension funds, this is less obvious. The union has decided to go to appeal, it will go to appeal”, he responded.

The City of Quebec had ceased to index the pensions of its retirees several years ago, in the wake of the adoption of the law of 15 December 2014, under the liberals, which could cost him dearly with future repair requests. Questioned on the reserves of the City to deal with this catch-up, the mayor replied: “I say nothing. Normally, it is quite far-sighted.”

– With the collaboration of Stéphanie Martin

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