Lawyer Marie Henein, publicized at trial Ghomeshi, argues for the presumption of innocence

Photo: Darren Calabrese The canadian Press
Consider the system of justice is necessary and desirable, according to Marie Henein, known to the general public for having been the lawyer Jian Ghomeshi.

Known to the general public for having been the lawyer Jian Ghomeshi, Marie Henein has spoken at McGill University yesterday before the students of the Faculty of law.


“The only fact that I am a woman should, a priori, to let you think that I am not in favour of rape. “Never in the course of her lecture she did not refer directly to this trial, which has yet projected at the front of the media. She has repeated several times the need to evolve the right away such projectors.


The lawyer defends a conception very liberal justice system, which would be perpetually re-establish a new balance point.


The evolution of the legal system, she said, must not be dictated by media, or by knee-jerk reaction and ill-informed. She has spoken several times of “hysteria” in regard to the right. “Our profession is drawn to change. There is no need that this is hysterical. “


To this end, she believes, that the lawyers are testing constantly the limitations of the law. “This is what lawyers do, and this is what I do for a living. “


Consider the system of justice is necessary and desirable. “There’s a lot of space for changes and a lot of room for change. “


There are ” rear-trains, kicking “, she said in the same breath. “It can be vigorous, but not in 140 characters,” she said, alluding to the use of Twitter and the reduction of the thought to which the same media confines. “You deserve better than that. “

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I have defended murderers. This is not because I am for the murder. The accused has rights, and it is not because we love him.
Marie Henein, lawyer

Presumption of innocence


In a speech perfectly controlled and rich in citations as in the examples, the lawyer has made laugh the audience several times, often quoting Mark Twain unexpectedly. The writer claimed that the presence of the media in the course of justice, had made some people crazy.


The justice system often makes mistakes, she said, citing examples in Canada and the United States.


For her, it is fundamental to repeat more than ever the importance of the principle of presumption of innocence. She quoted president Donald Trump as a patent case of contempt confessed to this principle. An attitude that leads to a call to violence, even when facts prove him wrong.


In Canada, it cited several cases where the justice system is wrong, which should encourage more prudence. “This can not be corrected by popularity contest” of a measure or another, in the mirror of the media.


Very comfortable to make their arguments, Marie Henein is observed that the introduction of a multitude of short-sighted policies that focus on the criminal repression has especially for pork. “I have defended murderers. This is not because I am for the murder. The accused has rights, and this is not because we love him. “


Rape cases


After his presentation, eight issues have been addressed, of which only two were by women.


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One of them was the only one to criticize the justice system in rape cases, citing in particular the fact that the percentage of women who report assaults of the genus remains very low. For the lawyer, this is due to economic and demographic data must be taken into account to remedy it.


One of the avenues that it suggests would be much better training for the police. According to her, the officers do not pose the right questions. It adds that it is not more than accusations that will be a solution, but rather the exploration of new models capable of raising the overall status of women in society.