Layoffs in the Alouettes

Mises à pied chez les Alouettes

The Montreal Alouettes announced on late Monday afternoon that some of their workers will be temporarily laid off on or after 6 April because of the outbreak of coronavirus paralyzing the activities of any of the canadian football League (CFL).

In a press release, the montreal-based organization has specified that certain administrative staff and others involved in the operations of football – without specifying the number – are affected by the measures following the decision of the FCA to postpone the start of training camps; they were to begin on 17 may.

“The situation in which we are all immersed force us to take important steps, said the president of the Alouettes, Mario Cecchini. We wish with all my heart that the situation improves as quickly as possible, so that our valuable employees are able to return to our ranks.”

The Sparrows added that “the majority of employees remain in their positions in order to ensure the proper functioning of the organization, so that it is ready for the eventual start of the season”. The workers thanked them maintain their employment relationships with the organization and will continue to benefit from group insurance and other employee benefits, a-t-are also shown.

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