Le Figaro: tramp came to the NATO summit to discuss China and financial injustice

The NATO summit in London threatens to become the cause of tension in relations between the US and its European allies, writes Le Figaro. As the newspaper notes, the President trump firmly intends to discuss with the allies the unfair, in his opinion, the allocation of costs within the Alliance, as well as to involve the allies in its own confrontation with China.

Le Figaro: Трамп приехал на саммит НАТО обсуждать Китай и финансовую несправедливость

ReutersСпустя 70 years after its signing, the North Atlantic Treaty questioned the country who have made the greatest contribution to its creation, writes Le Figaro. Instead of celebrating the anniversary with great fanfare in Washington — the city where the organization was founded — the anniversary of NATO will take place in London and may be cause for new tensions in relations between the US and its European allies.

As the paper notes, the atmosphere of the past NATO summits were tainted by accusations of Donald trump. This time he also went to the British capital communication “to fight for the American people”. “This provision is unfair to us because we pay too much, you know,” said the head of the White house before departure, promising to”talk about it” with NATO partners.

The administration of U.S. President speaks about NATO in a more conciliatory tone. A White house spokesman recently called the organization “the most fruitful Alliance in history,” which remains the most important guarantor “of security, prosperity and freedom” of U.S. allies. “President trump, as you know, pledged to strengthen NATO and to prepare it to confront today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges”, — said the employee of the American administration in an interview with reporters. However, as the newspaper notes, these obligations are not really resonated with the other members of the Alliance, because in fact the White house has repeatedly demonstrated its disdain for international organizations and continues to view NATO primarily as a financial burden for the United States. In addition, according to us media reports, in conversations with advisors trump has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of leaving the Alliance. However, faced with impeachment proceedings in September last year, trump is committed to stand in the way of a responsible head of state as opposed to its competitors from the Democrats engaged in “low political manoeuvres”, and the NATO summit have in this situation is very handy, says the author. Despite the fact that the US President did not abandon the task to make allies on defence spending 2% of GDP, his administration chose this time to focus on the already accomplished achievements. As noted by the representative of the White house, the President has achieved in this area greater success, because since joining trump in the position, the allies have allocated an additional $100 billion as defence expenditure. Reportedly, the US President intends to cut the proportion of U.S. participation in the organization’s budget from 22% to 16%, that is $150 million, however, this measure has a more symbolic value, because we are talking about the cost of maintaining the headquarters in Brussels and some military operations. As expected, the most sensitive issues be condemned by the American leader in the format of bilateral meetings tete-a-tete with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel. Especially “rough” threatens to become a negotiation with France, says the author. As explained by the representative of the White house, trump and Macron different priorities of the Alliance. “The President wants to make it stronger and wants a more equitable distribution of costs . I think the President Makron still thinking about what he wants to achieve from this organization,” — said the source publication. In addition to the financial matters of the United States wish to raise at the summit the question of the growing influence of China. “China is actively seeking to expand its presence around the world, including in the countries-members of NATO”, — said the source Le Figaro in the trump administration. According to him, Beijing offers the States the best loans as well as investments in infrastructure, including in building of bridges and networks. “He seeks to drive the country into a trap, forcing them to be in debt in order to obtain diplomatic concessions,” says an employee of the White house.

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