Le Monde: French intellectuals call to exclude Turkey from NATO

The military operation of Ankara in the North of Syria violates the principles of NATO and jeopardizes the security of Europe, it is therefore necessary to exclude Turkey from the Alliance, shared his opinion researcher stéphane Breton and writer Patrice Francesca in the pages of Le Monde. According to them, the threat of Syrian refugees have flooded European cities, is unfounded, and the loss of membership in the North Atlantic Alliance will make a partnership with Turkey less attractive for Russia.

Le Monde: французские интеллектуалы призывают исключить Турцию из НАТО

ReutersВмешательство Turkey in Syria not only violates the democratic principles of the Alliance, but also threatens the security of Europe that justifies the exclusion of the country from NATO, write researcher stéphane Breton and writer Patrice Francesca in an open letter to Le Monde. They point out that the terms of the provisional cease-fire of 17 October between Turkey and the United States reaffirm the goal of Erdogan: to expel Kurds from their territory and capture half of the Syrian Rozhava. The Americans are now offering the Kurds just want to run away and leave the land to the invaders.

How to remind the authors of the text, since its founding 100 years ago Turkey often resorted to violence in pursuit of their ambitions: it is responsible for the genocide of Armenians in 1915, the genocide of the Pontic Greeks and Assyrians-Chaldeans in the early 1930-ies, the Dersim massacre of the Kurds in 1937, the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and the Syrian Jerablus and al-Bab in 2016, the invasion and ethnic cleansing of the Kurds in Afrin in 2018. 100 years ago a third of the population of Turkey were Christians, but they are now only a few thousand. It was the turn of the Kurds. Turkey has never punished for their crimes and confident in their absolute impunity, the article notes. Now in the ranks of the Turkish army, composed of the same jihadists who are responsible for the bloody attacks in Europe and the massacre of Yezidis in Sinjar. As predicted Breton and Francesca, an encouragement to the violence that they see in the silence of the West, ever turn against him. The explosive mixture of Islamism and authoritarianism, which is raging in Turkey threatens not only peace and democracy in the middle East, but also Europe’s security, the authors of the text. Turkey Erdogan (as opposed to simply citizens) hates Western democracy and an insult to her daily in the official speeches. With Turkey joining NATO in 1952 on the background of the Communist threat, Turkey is behaving like the wolf in the sheepfold: uses the Alliance to turn in their aggressive impulses and requires the approval of Europe. Turning a blind eye to it, NATO covers war crimes, but the organization is not a “club of unremitting military ambition“: it was founded to defend the democratic countries. Therefore, the article of Le Monde, the Western States violate political agreements, if they refuse to chase the Turkey. The main objections, according to French intellectuals, calls the promise of Erdogan to send to Europe the millions of Syrian refugees. However, this is an empty threat: first, unlike 2015, these people don’t remain on the street — they find shelter inland camps, partly funded by the European countries. Now they are not so easy to send, and such an attempt would be an indicator of malicious intent, which the EU will be able to respond with a ban on the sale of Turkish goods make up the half of Turkey’s exports. Secondly, these refugees are a weapon that Erdogan wants to use against the Kurds to change the ethnic composition of their region. But the people — not boxes of ammunition, they cannot easily move in two directions. In addition, the concern that excluding Turkey from NATO, Europe would throw her into the arms of Russia. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: so, after the withdrawal of US troops, the Russian military immediately occupied the North of Syria, to restrain the promotion of Ankara. Now, when Russia after fleeing the Turks became a strategic winner at this stage, it is not necessary to try to involve Turkey. Her role as “godmother” of Bashar al-Assad became the territorial integrity of Syria. Moreover, as reminded by the authors of the article, Erdogan relies on a weak support and lost the municipal elections this year. With the help of his Syrian venture he tried to regain supporters, and now stand your ground is the only way to prevent the escalation of the conflict. Thus, concludes stéphane Breton, Patrice and Francesca in the pages of Le Monde, “turning to (the Turkish regime. — Inotv) back, we will relax, make Turkey less attractive in the eyes of Russia” and also “confirm the vital nature of the political values of our military Alliance and to clarify our strategic position.”Source

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