Le Monde: “the Power of Siberia” — the project not only economic but also geopolitical

New gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” will allow China to provide our need in gas supplies amid a trade war with the United States, and Russia — to new markets and profits, writes Le Monde. But, as the author notes, Russia strengthens its strategic position that adds to the traditional Western area from the East.

Le Monde: «Сила Сибири» — проект не только экономический, но и геополитический

ReutersРоссийский Blagoveshchensk in 1900 was attacked by the Chinese, and now, after more than 100 years, he became a symbol of rapprochement between Russia and China, writes Le Monde. Changed the situation as the free trade area between Blagoveshchensk and the Chinese city of Heihe on the other side of the Amur river and the construction of a powerful gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”. It is now 2025 North China will receive 38 billion cubic meters of gas and this is comparable to the consumption of all France.

However, as the author notes, the main interest of the project is geopolitical. This pipeline will be an important step towards the rapprochement between China and Russia at a time when the two countries have deteriorated relations with the West. The decision on construction of the pipeline took in 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimea, which resulted in Western sanctions. And finished its construction at a time when trade war, the US turned against China. For China, this project is also extremely important, because it is the first in the world in gas imports, and its needs will only grow. This is connected with the growth of the economy, and the desire of the Chinese government to move away from coal, which is highly polluting. But the United States declared China a trade war, and deliveries of us liquefied natural gas ceased. So the pipeline “Power of Siberia” came just in time. In 2022 it by 10% will close the supply to China, and the second phase of the project should supply gas to Eastern China. Russia, in turn, need a market, because its economy is heavily dependent on energy exports, writes the author. “If Vladimir Putin is increasingly looking to the East, it’s because he has no choice, because in the West the situation is very complicated,” writes the author. First of all, the import of gas to Europe declined by more than 10% over the last 10 years, because Europe wants to move away from fossil energy sources. Plus because of the Ukrainian crisis supplies to Europe became more difficult, and the US is trying to prevent by all means the “Nord stream — 2”. As the author notes, in addition to concern that Europe will strengthen their dependence on Moscow, and Ukraine will lose revenue for transit, led by Washington and commercial interests: playing on anti-Russian fears that Washington urges countries to buy the more expensive American gas. So, the U.S. voted for sanctions against the “Nord stream — 2,” and it sparked protests in Europe. In particular, German politicians have accused the us that they return the days of the Wild West when the rules of the law of force. And wins from this situation Vladimir Putin, writes Le Monde. “Putting yourself between the European markets in the West and the rapidly growing Chinese markets in the East, Russia gains not only profit, but also strengthens its position strategically”, — the newspaper quotes the expert.

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