Le Parisien: French Senator was accused of racism for comparing women in hijabs with “Halloween witches”

Le Parisien: французского сенатора обвинили в расизме за сравнение женщин в хиджабах с «хэллоуинскими ведьмами»

French Senator has equated Muslim women in hijabs to the “Halloween witch” and has caused anger in the online community, but criticism from other senators, writes Le Parisien. Politician accused of racism and want to prosecute including insults and incitement to hatred.

After Jean-Louis Masson, the Senator from Moselle, criticized Muslim women for wearing the hijab during school excursions, his remarks caused outrage on social media and accusations of racism on the part of other senators, according to Le Parisien. Policy, likening Muslim women in hijabs with masked faces during Halloween are going to prosecute in the Senate.As announced by the Senator from Paris, David Ascoli in its statement, the rights of exclusivity transferred to a French newspaper, the trial for determining the sentence will be transferred to the higher authority of the upper house, where he is Vice Chairman. “I will return to Bureau of the Senate on 6 November, about the words of Senator Masson… which I consider offensive, racist and inciting hatred and moving the boundaries of freedom of expression of parliamentarians, which I especially appreciate,” said Assouli in his message. It is noted that the Bureau of the Senate consists of 26 senators from each political group, able to impose disciplinary sanctions, starting with the call to order and ending a temporary suspension.The newspaper reminds that on Tuesday before voting on a ban on the hijab during school trips Jean-Louis Masson in the midst of the meeting broke out in a accusatory tirade with a particularly aggressive attacks towards Muslim women in France. “Could still get oneself Halloween witches to escort the children” — he was indignant. This “master of the Parliament,” the assistant Nicolas DuPont-Aignan in the presidential elections of 2012 and 2017, the suggested moreover, that the woman criticized the representative of the Association during the meeting of the regional Council at the beginning of October, “could just not wear your hijab.” In conclusion, the politician ordered the “communitarists… to return from whence they came.”These “intemperate” speech that another Deputy from the Moselle quickly dubbed “racist”, does not entail any legal consequences, because the Constitution provides protection to the parliamentarians, uttered in the performance of their duties. “The Parliament building is an area of free expression — recognizes Assuli, but the expression of racist attitudes is an offence, not a point that can be made during the parliamentary debate.”Catherine Cohen-Isle, the Paris lawyer, confirmed to Le Parisien that the Senator’s words can fall under the heading of “racial defamation”, “incitement to hatred” or even “insulting”. These offences are punishable with fines in the tens of millions of euros or even prison if they have committed outside the National Assembly.