Leader of the Parti québécois: humor and politics, a fight for Guy Nantel

Chefferie du Parti québécois: humour et politique, même combat pour Guy Nantel

Guy Nantel asserts that his candidacy for the leadership of the Parti québécois (PQ) is inscribed in the continuity of his work on stage as a comedian in politics.

“I’ve always done shows for the same reasons as I do politics,” he explained in an interview with our parliamentary Bureau, a few hours after officially announced that he would be a candidate to succeed Jean-François Lisée.

“These are different trades, but, in the end, it is the same book, if one wants to,” continues Guy Nantel. That is to say, to advance the reflection, the debate, and point out the incongruities. I’ve done it for a long time as comedian; and then I do it another way. There was a kinship to this level.”

However, it is popular pressure that drove him to get in the race, ensures the comedian to become a politician. “I have been approached, it is not I who have done the first steps,” he said. It is a whole wave of people who saw that I had written a book in 2017, which have seen the show and all that. I started to have a lot of calls from the time the PQ had more of” chef, ” he says.

Of high placed people within the sovereigntist movement would have also prompted him to make the jump, let-t-he hear.

“No tongue of wood”

Guy Nantel bet on his talents as a communicator to stand out. “Since I’m not a politician, I do not have the language of wood. I am someone who speaks directly, who is able to popularize, communicate, not pass through four paths. I think it will do good in politics,” he says.

Recently, his opponent Sylvain Gaudreault pointed out that he is the only candidate to have experience in public administration, having been an mp and a minister. But Guy Nantel believes that it will not burn the steps, hurling themselves directly into the race to the leadership and does not see his lack of political experience as a disadvantage. “Each one his forces, he. I am someone who offers an opportunity for such party: to be able to come back on the scene, get donations, of militants, of membership cards. Then, we should also see the advantage of it.”

Sovereignty first

In announcing her nomination Thursday, Mr. Nantel has said they want to “uninhibited” with the PQ and the sovereigntist movement. It will include a referendum on sovereignty in the first two years of a first term.

In addition, it will propose to Quebecers as a whole to “converge to a common culture, and, obviously, it will be the quebec culture, because it is in Quebec.” “The difficulties that one can have, in Quebec, currently, relative to the language or to secularism, it does […] or immigrants or anglophones”, he says.

“That comes first and foremost from the fact that Quebecers are not assumed as a people,” said Mr. Nantel. From the moment the Quebec, and there I included all of the people who live in Quebec, will accept to unite and form a nation, there are a lot of tensions that are going to disappear.”

– With the collaboration of Dominique Scali

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