Leading channel “WORLD” was “In the city of Lzhedmitri”

PHOTO : TASS / Sergei Karpukhin


Daring and provocative, the so – called critics and viewers of the play by Maxim Vitorgan “In Lzhedmitri”. This drama – the story of the people who live in the fictional city of science. There are many anomalies. Yes and it is at a nuclear facility. Starring – leading programs on the TV channel “MIR” Alexey Kortnev and Sergey Belogolovtsev, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Alexei Liquid.

Host of “the midnight Express” on TV channel “MIR” Alexey Kortnev in a new role – only this time on stage. His character is a famous musician. In native Lzhedmitri he arrives at the invitation of the mayor to give a concert. And, of course, meet with the past. But already at the entrance faced with strange people, pseudosecondary and taboos.

“I love his moral stance, but play me hard enough, because I’m a classic extrovert. I am very open and never holding back. I love dealing with people. And my hero, on the contrary, a very private and sensitive to any touch to his body and his soul,” says Courtney.

In the performance Alexey Kortnev a special role: he’s not just played the main character – his idea of staging. He also invented a non-existent city, Liebetrau, and dozens of new songs.

The master program “Game movie” on TV channel “the WORLD” Sergey Belogolovtsev in this play also a major role. In contrast to the good-natured musician hero Belogolovtsev is the main villain in this story, the mayor of Redmicroh. Hates the world and is also forced to live by pointless rules. But the laws of the genre in a situation interferes with a woman.

“This is a story about love. The story that love conquers all. As it would not be hard to fight with reality, to fight evil, but love still wins” – says a leading program “playing a movie”.

Such different characters kortneva and Belogolovtsev fight together on stage one love – Kira (Christina’s Grandmother). Ambitious, broken and miserable. Like any woman, she justifies men who love her, trying to understand their actions.

In this story a lot of strange things. Liebetrau – closed city with a nuclear Collider. Neither to drive, nor you can not leave, but the locals have a surprise.

Showman and former KVN player Sergei Belogolovtsev so not to scare. Mysterious characters he meets in his program “Game movie” on TV channel “MIR”. This is a fascinating test of knowledge of Soviet films.

But Alexey Kortnev – the driver and conductor of the “Night Express”. It’s a mix of a live concert with soulful interviews. With “World” Kourtney speaks to his guests about the music and concerts. The program “Night Express” will be released very soon on the TV channel “MIR”.