Leading economists gathered at the world forum in Nur-Sultan



Financial experts from different countries gathered in the Nur-Sultan in the international financial center “Astana” (IFCA). They discuss legal issues and legal features of the area, reports channel “MIR 24”.

“Legislation international financial centre “Astana” is based on English law. Its main feature – flexibility. The justice system consists of law and arbitration. IFCA will be the big platform for businessmen. It may attract the flow of investments to Kazakhstan. Also ordinary people can make by buying shares on the stock exchange, which is here,” said the chair of the legal Advisory Board of the International financial center “Astana” Andrew Oldland.

In the financial hub for businessmen all conditions, it is very attractive to investors. At the moment there are about 200 companies that help local and foreign entrepreneurs to settle disputes, and provide legal assistance.

Astana Finance Days will continue in Nur-Sultan to the 4th of July.