Leading Fox News impeachment: no Freud to understand

Accusing Donald trump of “abuse of power”, the Democrats in the US cover a flagrant abuse of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, says Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson. According to him, the American left always accuse their opponents of what you are doing for yourself, is a phenomenon long described by psychiatrist Sigmund Freud.

Ведущий Fox News об импичменте: без Фрейда не разобраться

As yet it is a pity that Sigmund Freud is no longer held in high esteem! In universities branded it sexist. Today Sigmund Freud we need. Because without Freud’s difficult to recognize what is happening. But the essence, write it down and stick on the fridge, the best guide to politics you will not find: what the left accused you, that’s exactly what they do themselves.

They accuse you of promoting racism? Yeah. In the spread of conspiracy theories? A lie to the American people? (Laughs.) I can’t even finish this sentence. Of course, they were the three main classes! And impeachment is another proof.

According to the first accusation, spelled out in the submission to the impeachment, the President, quote, “abused authority”, namely “demanded of a foreign state” Ukraine “to intervene in the American presidential election of 2020.” End quote.

So, just so you understand, the Democrats in the house of representatives is now saying that there was no interference in American politics, when the Ukrainian energy company hired the son of the current Vice-President, so he is unable to find employment otherwise, do nothing and received exorbitant salary, while his father controlled, and I quote, “anti-corruption work” in their country. There is no policy! And if you think otherwise, you believe in conspiracy theories! In the disproved conspiracy theory. So denied that one question about the President can be impeached. Yes.

You know what else was no abuse of power and even quite the opposite? That last President, Obama killed a US citizen without trial with the help of attack UAV. It’s not abuse of power! Are you kidding? This is yet another disproved conspiracy theory!

Or that he instructed the FBI to conduct an investigation against the headquarters of the rival candidate, on the basis of obviously false dossier, written by a foreigner under the “opposition research” using the intelligence of the Russian government. It was not an abuse of power! What?! You crazy! You work for Fox News or something like that? Yes, you are crazy!

And, incidentally, continuing the theme. Under the guidance of several recent presidents: Bush, Obama and, frankly, trump has grown a new apparatus of surveillance, the surveillance of you and me, the American citizens. It was not an abuse of power!

All these people began a new war abroad, not bothering to ask Congress, in violation of the Constitution of the United States, which is plain text required! It’s not abuse of power!

Every year the power of the President increasingly resembles the power of the monarch. It’s not abuse of power! Yes, it’s all nonsense! But ask a question about a questionable deal hunter Biden Ukrainians… Ho-Ho! It’s over, buddy, we’re relieving you of your post!

By the way, according to the second accusation in the view to the impeachment, the President has hampered the work of Congress. In this case, the crime, presumably, is the refusal to submit official requests of Congress. The kind of queries to the telephone companies to provide phone numbers of people. We talked about this last week. But we are talking about queries related to impeachment proceedings.

If you don’t live in Washington, you may not know that none of the parties really does not take it seriously. Both parties know that this is not grounds for impeachment. President Clinton has consistently resisted the requests (of the Congress. — Inotv) during his epic with the impeachment, 21 years ago. No one remembers. Yes, if I remembered, who cares? So we won’t bore you with long explanations. But it was.

I beg you, it has nothing to do with the real serious crimes or misdeeds! They’re not even trying to build my argument. Why is this happening? You know why. There are two reasons. First, the Democrats — or at least their warriors on Twitter — still not conceded defeat in 2016. They think impeachment will invalidate this shocking defeat, as if it never happened, and allow them to ignore all the lessons of those elections! These lessons had to learn both parties, but they have not learned and do not even want to learn. They can continue to ignore them, because Trump was impeached! He was an anomaly! For a few years came a strange orange type, but we drove him away! You don’t even have to think about why voters supported it at all!

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