Leading “world on a string” appreciated the beauty and hospitality of Tajikistan



Host of “world on a string” came to Tajikistan. His journey they began with Tajikistan and the Pamirs. That the country has made the strongest impression, tells the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Farangis Sosedova.

The journey across the Pamirs to the leading of the program “world on a string” began with Badakhshan home. Here they met with a long history of dwelling CID, I learned to knit woolen socks of Jurby and tried traditional tea shirchai.

After a generous feast – a walk through the city of Khorog. In route Botanical garden and several parks. The trip of the crew coincided with the celebration of national unity, therefore all the leading met songs and dances.

“Just any place where you get out, you see this beauty and shoot, shoot and shoot. Plus the very helpful people who are ready and willing to do everything for us, for our program. It’s very nice,” said Maria Tsvirko, Director.

Shooting in the Pamirs lasted three days. The following was Dushanbe.

The crew the city has won for its gardens, beautiful streets and comfort.

“I liked how clean this place is. Outside the city looked after, all it is noticeable, pay attention, lots of tourists, nice atmosphere, summer is especially good, And I loved that there are so many colors. That is, I didn’t expect to see so many flowers, and very colourful,” – shared his impressions of the leading Sergey Belikov and Alexander Korchagin.

Brightness in Tajikistan is different and girls. The standard of beauty are thick black eyebrows. Leading “world on a string” decided to make myself the same. Locals believe that the closer the distance between the eyebrows at the girl, the closer to her husband.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be green, didn’t even know how it looks. I thought, or pencil, or some mascara, but that it’s all natural makeup that is simply an herb that is warming up, and in the end, the eyebrow turns green, it’s all nonsense. I didn’t expect it would be that,” admitted Alexander.

After filming in Dushanbe presenters will travel to the North of the country. There will visit the city of craftsmen Istaravshan and one of the oldest settlements of Central Asia Khujand.

Tajikistan, the last country in Central Asia, attended by leading in the new season of “world on a string”. His program can be seen in September.