League 2 : Pablo Correa will not come to Valenciennes

Pablo Correa at Lorient-Nancy on 10 September 2016. — JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP

Valenciennes is still looking for a coach. Two weeks after the sacking fantastic Faruk Hadzibegic, the club du Hainaut has not yet announced his successor. First, for legal reasons. As Hadzibegic has not received his letter of dismissal, the announcement of his successor will not be made for matters of procedure in view of a trial in the tribunals.

Normally, mail will be received on Friday by the ex-coach of the VAFC. One thing is for sure, his replacement will not bePablo Correa. Present in the short list established by the president Eddy Zdziech, the former coach of Nancy declined the proposal. “I discussed with the president of Valenciennes. But for the moment, I preferred not to give away “, announced 20 Minutes the technician.

Reginald Ray in pole position

So, it seems now acquired that the solution chosen will be the one that leads to Reginald Ray. The former coach of Paris FC, free of any contract, is now in pole position. Has less of a shift last minute.

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Whatever happens, Ray, or another name will not be on the bench of the northern club on Friday night. For the game against Tours, the last in the ranking, it is Nicolas Rabuel, ex-deputy Hadzibegic and current coach by acting, which will be at the controls.

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