Learn from Poroshenko. As Shary

Учиться у Порошенко. Как Шарий

If you look at the Ukrainian political discourse, one of the most oft-repeated statements in it, is the need “to sew”. From morning to night politicians, experts and journalists are telling themselves, each other and society about the need “to unite and not to divide”. To work on some “reconciliation”. To bridge the gap. The same was said and the current government.

In fairness, it started not today and even not yesterday. If you look at history, we find that myslevirus about the “stitching” was launched almost during the late Kuchma. And even when Yushchenko sounded in full voice, and if Yanukovych has become almost an axiom for the political class.In practice, this has turned into a form of a kind of unilateral political propaganda of disarmament is one part of the political class and it represented segment of society over another.So, in pre-Maidan times about “unification” and “stitching” basically saying policy-regionals. And, oddly enough, words have not dispersed from business. Under the sly, “we need to unite and not to divide”, consistently gave up the interests of that part of the Ukrainians, who were opposed to the onset of aggressive ethnic nationalism.

While some talked about the need for compromise, the other Purley ahead as tanks, under the slogan “it Will be as we want or you don’t.”

Representatives of the same “Freedom” nurtured by the spin doctors of the Party of regions as the antithesis of the traditional “orange” opposition, showed no desire to reach any compromise or to fraternize in the name of Ukraine with those whom they called in their propaganda of “Communist-Soviet invaders”. And in most cases get their way. Just due to the fact that their opponents really didn’t want to aggravate.

Учиться у Порошенко. Как Шарий

After the coup of 2014 has a unique situation where the winners took all and losers could not be considered at all.

And the events in the Crimea are given carte Blanche for the suppression of dissent repression by the police under the guise of a jingoistic and militaristic hysteria, the “Pro-Russian forces” was declared not only those who they were actually promoting the new Russia or waving at rallies tricolor, but also a huge number of very well-intentioned and loyal to the state of the patriots like any Ruslan Kotsaba.
Interestingly, independence changed nothing in this respect, the approaches of the opponents of the nationalists. Even being in the role of put-upon and marginalized, devoid of any influence on the processes of opposition, the fragments of the Party of regions continued to sing odes to “stitching” and do a ritual “ku” ideological fetishes opponents.

A simple example: at a time when prishelsya to power the ultra-right declared a crusade against the traditional for the former USSR historical memory, backed by its mass vandalization monuments, the law on de-communization and the criminalization of Soviet symbols, former regionals continued conciliatory state that would peacefully coexist with Bandera in one country somehow coexist together, and is not opposed to somewhere in Galicia glorify Bandera or even the SS is just to the South-East allowed to celebrate their heroes.

Учиться у Порошенко. Как Шарий

Theoretically, such an approach possible. In practice, this is unrealistic due to the aggressive claims of the opposite side on the totality of the influence and presence of their own ideology – even where it does not approve of or expect.

Nationalists operate on the principle: it runs in the family. Non-nationalist forces still something to sew it is unclear why.The theory and practice of unilateral concessions and deflections before minority inherited and the party rareripe “servant of the people”, mounted on the Olympus largely because of expectations namaganda part of compatriots. However, in the future, once on the top, these people somehow decided that we should do everything to appease the minority, which for Zelensky did not vote and is not going to do that. And voters Zelensky, they say, peretopchutsya. Them that first time what?

Generally, this amazing know-how of the Ukrainian political suffers to please someone else’s voters strongly pointedly ignoring her.

In fact, you can somehow relate to the nationalists and Poroshenko, but the fact remains – it is a consistent policy, which can not be blamed for the trade interests of their constituents or that they are betraying them.

And even so they look advantageous on the background of their obscure opponents in calling for peace in the world.

Here you can imagine Ephraim in the list of European solidarity? And I’m not either. And Kivu in the lists opsi – easily. As parkalot Arakhamiya in the first ten Servants of the people.

Учиться у Порошенко. Как Шарий

Else is this happening? Maybe because maydanschikov never cared for another voter and his opinion. Carriers of the opposite opinion, they are generally expunged from the society and from among the members of the nation and taken out beyond the discourse, making a statement objectionable theses and raising objectionable the something indecent, is fraught with the loss of a handshake, and even in prison.

This is easily seen by viewing television. A simple collision with the carrier uncomfortable opinions leads to instant hysterics, squeals, cries and demonstrative departure from the Studio in protest. What is also remarkable is the opponents of the nationalists in similar situations out of the Studio and not leave. Or such cases are rare.
The practice of ignoring the interests of their voters in favor of voter appeasement of others can lead to very fatal consequences for practicing such an approach of the political forces and individual politicians.

This is true even if you are a politician, you are not going to fulfill their campaign promises, even if you yourself strongly avoiding specifics, preferring to, as was the case with Zelensky and “a Servant of the people”, voters speculating your position, staining you easy a color.

Учиться у Порошенко. Как Шарий

So, even in this case, a pragmatic policy closely tracks the dynamics of the attitudes and expectations of those people whose votes brought them upstairs. And try not to commit actions that would have sawed the branch on which hold their ratings. Because you know you need to think about your electorate. About someone else – there is someone to take care of without you.

In this sense, all Ukrainian politicians yet caught the “trick” Anatoly Shary, recently said on one of the channels of Medvedchuk in response to the “conciliatory” Maxim Savchenko Hopes that he doesn’t care about the opinion of voters Poroshenko. What to look for with them the consensus he did not intend. People who vote for him, want Poroshenko was sitting and not having to be “sewed” with Poroshenko.

You can still remember the people’s Deputy from opsi Oleg Voloshin, who claimed on TV that he does not understand what the hell the inhabitants of the city needs to tell residents of Donetsk and Lugansk, how to live. However, other party members like Voloshin continued Shufrych old and hackneyed songs. Remarkably similar to the Aria “Servants of the people” who have everything that any mass resonates with the mood of their own electorate, it becomes “personal opinion” that such thoughts of deputies. And the party line becomes nonsense, Bareev which over the past five years, the Ukrainians actually voted for ze.

And as it turns out now, did it knowingly. “This Zelensky we saw last time in the stadium… “Peter, let go of Vova and take off his mask” joke wags on the Internet until he “Vova” and those whom he brought to power, determined to destroy their ratings in favor of an imaginary unity with those who sleeps and sees them teetering on the “accept as it should jump”.

Учиться у Порошенко. Как Шарий

Sergei Ustinov