Learn how to become a vegetable farmer

Apprendre à devenir maraîcher

After two years of pause, and the restructuring, the City Farm in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures welcomes new apprentice gardeners.

Among the twenty persons to be registered, Sophie Pomerleau speaks of a “beautiful challenge”.

“Just to be here, to feel the wind, to see the nature that wakes up every day, it’s really nice, and sums up that which lives in the center of the city since many years. I have a lack at the level of the earth, touching the earth.”

The enthusiasm for this project incubator has met with the director general, Julien Paris-Roy.

“There’s a lot of new who are quite novices in terms of agriculture, it is for that reason that we hired an agronomist to give them the training,” he explains.

The purpose of this? To ensure that participants can recreate their experience on their return to the house.

The founder of the City Farm, Frédéric Rochon, is surrounded by four new partners from different backgrounds, including the catering and the event to relaunch its activities.

“It’s a little as though a page had to turn. What I see is that there is a new page to write,” says Mr. Rochon.

Except that the pandemic COVID has slightly changed the plans of the farm.

“The investment that was being done at the level of the reception hall, we are going to turn more with greenhouses this year to be able to be self-sustaining, year-round,” says Julien Paradise-Roy.

The City Farm has also launched this year a basket of organic vegetables and eco-friendly.

However, the administration intends to open its doors to the public at the end of June. Families will enjoy the mini-farm to see the animals. An experience that will be educational for the little ones, hope the director-general.

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