Learn how to maximize its resources

Apprendre à maximiser ses ressources

The games optimization is available in various mechanical, but one that employs dice is particularly fun.

Well, you are going to use dice to improve your game board staff to take it away.

The principle is quite simple, even when it is a game for players a little more seasoned. The parties are usually quite fast and fluid, once all the rules are well assimilated.

The taverns of the deep valley

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 12 years +
  • 60 minutes

The deep valley is home to lots of tavernas, and your objective will be to ensure that yours is the most popular with customers and that it is also the most effective.

You will first assemble all the parts of your tavern which are mostly reversible, but we will be back.

Each player begins the game with ten cards that are the same for everyone. At the beginning of a round, everyone at the same time returns cards and place them in the right section of the tavern until all of the sections available to be occupied by customers.

Later, everyone throws the dice, chooses and passes the other to the player on the left. The rolled dice are gone until there is no more.

The dice will then be used to perform actions that will improve the tavern, pick up cards or employee cards customers more pay. The clients allow you to earn money so that some employees will let you have more dice, or to buy cards customers. The goal is to collect the most cards possible, since the victory points are found on these.

And the genius of the game is made so that it is possible to add modules that make it more dense as it tames the mechanical.

We quickly understand the essence, while seeking the best strategy. In addition, several actions are performed all at the same time, which improves the fluidity.

Big Austria Hotel

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 12 years +
  • 60-120 minutes

You hold a great hotel in which you will need to complete the rooms from customers who will pass first through your coffee.

This game is excellent, but two or three players, because otherwise the waiting time between turns is too long. Explanation : the first chosen of the dice to perform actions, it is followed by the next player and so on. The last play is going to do it two times in a row before it goes back to the beginning.

Once this detail is known, you embark on a game that offers a ton of possibilities even if there are only six possible actions.

Already, the plateau hotel for each player is reversible, which opens up great opportunities. It is also necessary to choose adequately the members of the staff you hire and the customers that it attracts in its coffee shop and hotel.

The color of these will be associated with specific rooms and give bonuses different.

You will both have to manage your budget, but also the expectations of the emperor who will come to do spot inspections to ensure that your operation is in focus.

It will also need to gather food so that the customers of the café to eat. In short, it is as much a development game that a management game and all the mechanics fit together with perfect logic.

There is a world of strategy in this game, which makes it more complex, but if you have some parts of the Taverns of the deep valley behind the tie, you’ll find it rather simple, since the idea is the same.

There is also a large degree of flexibility in the actions to do, despite that you play with dice. You have been told, it is a brilliant game, hollow-meninges and really fun.

Cupcake Empire

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 10 +years
  • 45-60 minutes

You have just opened a factory that makes cupcakes and you want to expand your empire and to make it available everywhere in the city.

The dice, very pretty in their vibrant colors, will allow you to create new recipes, to open new stores, to serve customers and so on. And it’s all according to the color of the dice and the value thereof.

The sales system is interesting since it must take into account the distance and the preference of the customers. For example, a client might love a recipe in particular because it would be co-ordinated to the colour of his clothes.

We must therefore develop his empire efficiently by having a good overall vision of what we want to do.

And it all takes place during the points race since when a player reaches 70 points, it triggers the end of the game.

The game is immediately appealing with its color palette sweet desire, that fits very well with the theme.

This creation of two canadian authors is available in English, but that does not imply that the rule book since there is not text afterwards.

A good way to try something a little more complicated without too much heat neurons.

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