Learning in animals: in Penza is a unique centre for the training of surgeons

PHOTO : Mir / Dmitry Belitsky


In Penza the Centre of pre-clinical studies surgery done with the help of unique technologies. For example, artificial heart valves are implanted in a whole new way. Learn from local doctors go to the specialists from Russian regions, but also doctors from different countries. Moreover, different profiles are: cardiologists, dentists, neurosurgeons, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Roman Nikiforov.

This four-legged patient after some half an hour waiting for a complicated heart operation – installation of an artificial valve. A team of surgeons in Penza flew from St. Petersburg to study. Doctors – experienced, but such operations did not. Then the new prosthesis, and method of administration is not as usual – through the femoral artery, and directly through the apex of the myocardium.

“There are patients who cannot carry out through the femoral artery, through the iliac artery to hold this device”, – said head of x-ray surgical Department of city hospital no 40 of Saint Petersburg Sergey Vlasenko.

The body of the pig is largely similar to that of humans. The heart and the valves of comparable size.

“Everything went well. The object on which we do this operation alive. We have already bought a certain number of these valves. We have an ongoing recruitment of patients. We, I think, in the near future they implant,” says Vlasenko.

Tested on animals but for people. Cardiology, dentistry, neurosurgery and surgery of the abdominal cavity. Customers from all over the world. In Penza coming even from Australia and the USA. In the book of records in different languages.

“Here they have the right to choose: they will conduct research, we will help them. Well everything is pretty democratic,” – said the head of the Center for preclinical studies Irina Efimova.

The centre – a common platform for SKOLKOVO. Russian companies use it on a regular basis. Here producers of so-called smart implants. They are made of biomaterials, and each unit instance.

“This is a different animal tissues, which are used in the food industry. We can vary the physical and mechanical properties, the physical, the elastic-deformation properties, the rate of resorption,” says managing Director of the company for the production of medical equipment Alexei Venediktov.

It was here he experienced the Russian robot surgeon. He had removed the uterine fibroids star Instagram – pig named Rosa. Then rose gave the second litter of seven piglets. And now “spreads” in social networks happy family picture.