Leaving the princely life, Meghan says that elephants

Quittant la vie princière, Meghan raconte celle des éléphants

The wife of prince Harry, the former american actress Meghan Markle, will tell the adventures of a family of elephants in a documentary which will be released on April 3, three days after the withdrawal, the official couple of the british monarchy, announced on Thursday that Disney.

The duchess of Sussex, and presented on the poster that announces the release of the documentary, revealed Thursday, will lend her voice to a film from Disneynature, devoted to the life of an elephant family from Africa through the Kalahari desert.

In a period of full containment in many countries where schools have closed their doors against the pandemic of novel coronavirus, the documentary will be available for streaming on Disney +, launched two days ago in seven european countries, and arriving in France on 7 April.

In January it had published a video showing prince Harry to brag about his wife to the executive chairman of the Walt Disney company, Robert Iger.

For its part, the Times has revealed that the duchess of Sussex has signed an agreement whereby it would lend her voice to the film in exchange for a donation to the association of Elephants without borders, who comes to the rescue of the elephants in danger.

After blowing a wind of freshness on the british monarchy, prince Harry, grandson of queen Elizabeth II and his wife have triggered a storm by announcing their desire to put in the withdrawal of the crown.

Their new life away from the monarchy will formally begin on 31 march.

The prince 35-year-old, sixth in the order of succession to the throne and his wife of 38 years, were installed at the beginning of the year in a luxurious villa on the outskirts of Victoria, on the West coast of Canada with their son Archie, who will celebrate his first birthday in may.

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