Lebanon: a little girl’s canadian three-year-olds among the victims

Liban: une fillette canadienne de trois ans parmi les victimes

A little girl of three years old, whose family has lived in Montreal, is among the victims of explosions that decimated a part of the city of Beirut, Lebanon, at the beginning of the month.

Global News has confirmed that the small Alexandra Naggear is part of the two canadian citizens who have lost their lives in this tragic event.

For personal reasons, his family had gone away to live in the land of the Cedar in the 90’s, but it was back in the Metropolis in September before the fate decides otherwise.

Last August 4, the little Alexandra was playing outside near her parents, on the grounds of their house near the port, when the unthinkable occurred.

His mother had tried to protect it by putting it on the ground and holding it, but the explosion was too strong and they ran into a wall, told her grand-father Michel Awad interview to Global News.

“I’ll remember it for the life, not only because she is my granddaughter, because she was a child fabulous at all levels,” he confided.

Mr. Awad wants immensely to the lebanese government, accused of negligence for having left the hazardous chemicals stored in the heart of the city.

“I think she deserved to live in a better place, with better management,” said the grand-father of Alexandra, who did not hesitate to call the decision-makers lebanese “war criminals”.

The family Awad has had to go through several tests over the last few decades, but this one is by far the worst, stressed the patriarch.

Like many members of the lebanese community in Montreal, Michel Awad had left his native country in the late 80s to escape the civil war.

In 1989, his apartment had been bombed and it was thought never to relive such a scene.

“It was a nightmare. You try to convince yourself that this is not true, you are dreaming, then you realize that no, this happened”, he said witnessing the scenes of horror that he saw at the hospital last August 4 when he was at the bedside of her granddaughter.

Alexandra Naggear died three days later. Her mother, she is recovering from her injuries and still come to Montreal next fall.

More than 150 people have lost their lives in this tragedy, in addition to the thousands of injured.

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