Lefèvre was ready

Lefèvre était prêt

At 30 years of age, Wandrille Lefèvre is young to be retired, and yet he has not played a professional soccer game since the summer of 2017. Released by the Impact before the training camp 2018, it has built a new life.

“I knew the intentions of the club since November and there was a negotiation for my contract to be honored,” he says during a recent telephone conversation. I have suffered to negotiate this contract and he was out of the question that I let him go without a fight. “

With in pocket a diploma in accounting from HEC Montreal, Lefèvre became interested in the possibilities presented to him.


Lefèvre left in a funny position when it has finally settled the case with the Impact.

“I had a contract in force until 31 December, but no team had my rights.

“Since November, I had begun to place my pawns. I knew what I didn’t want to do, but not necessarily what I wanted to do.

“It was a luxury to be able to approach my professional life with the mattress of safety that was in my contract. I did not want to sit on it because there was an urgency to regain productivity. “

This transition period also allowed him to realize that he may be ready for the next step of his life.

“In the career objective, it is sometimes time to stop playing around and get in the real world. Professional sport is a world completely disconnected from reality. “

Strength of the team

So he took a little time to find out exactly what he wanted. For him, the degree in accounting was a tool, not an end in itself.

“I wanted the transaction because it is like a game of football. There is a whistle, it begins and it ends. You win or you lose your transaction. “

When he arrived at the Capital Council, he found a shoe to his foot.

“We are all entrepreneurs who put together our resources under this banner. The vast majority of the fees come back to me ; in some way, I eat what I hunt. “

For him, structure is comparable to that of a professional sports team.

“We are fifteen consultants, and there are fifteen of luggage different. We never work alone on a project, we work at least in pairs. ”


Lefèvre does not hide his six seasons in the Blue jersey-white-black are a great help now that he has swapped the studs for the jacket.

“We accompany businesses in their growth or in their challenge of liquidity to obtain financing. Our clients are expected to be between$ 2.5 Million and$ 300 Million turnover. We speak of loans ranging from $ 500,000 to tens of millions of dollars. “

He compares the management of a transaction to the way it is sometimes necessary to manage a football game.

“When you begin a match, you don’t know how it will unfold. You have a game plan, but there are so many things that can change.

“It is the same in the transaction, there are surprises that happen, they are there to reinforce your structure, or even brittle. “

The pressure is so great on his shoulders, but Lefèvre has this particularity of being made of teflon when it should.

“I have been accustomed all my life to handle pressure and uncertainty, so I’ve learned to live with and to evacuate them to maximize my chances of getting to the result. “

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