“Left in the cold”: Gritsenko explained how Ukraine played up to Putin (VIDEO)

«Оставили в дураках»: Гриценко объяснил, как Украина подыграла Путину (ВИДЕО)

The scandal with the re-enactment of the murder of the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko has dealt a severe blow to Ukraine’s image in the world, and took advantage of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This statement was made by the former Minister of defense of Ukraine, the leader of the party “civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko.

“Do not play in the fake history with the pig blood that shook the whole world, as it was imitated an assassination attempt on Arkady Babchenko. I interact with diplomats, representatives of foreign business in different countries – trust me, it’s so strained, so undermined trust,” — said Gritsenko.

The politician expressed confidence that after the scandal “made fools of the whole of Ukraine – we are with you”.

“Thousands of media around the world, international human rights organizations sincerely rushed to help, to demand from the government. And then Poroshenko go, Lutsenko and hrycak happy. Shock nice – Arkady alive, but the shock of another…” – he stressed.

Also, the ex-defense Minister said that after all this time after the incident, the Ukrainian side only hinted at the involvement of “conditionally some of the head of the FSB, Deputy head of the FSB.”

“It seems that the “list of 47″, which included my wife (journalist Yulia Pavement — ed.) amounted in Ukraine to intimidate journalists ahead of elections. It will fail, but undermined the trust of Ukrainians to the Prosecutor’s office, SBU, the President. And around the world undermined trust is the fact,” – said Gritsenko.

“Moreover, given such a pass to Putin, who now says: “They lie, they lie to the world”. What is the cover?” he added.


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