Legalization of cannabis: vote in the House Monday night

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The government of Justin Trudeau’s goal is to legalize marijuana by July 2018.

The Senate “should not exist” in 2017, but since he is always in the background, he should justify his existence by delaying the progress of the draft law on the legalisation of cannabis, writes Martine Ouellet.


The leader of the Bloc québécois has made these remarks on Monday afternoon, a few hours before the vote in the House on the legislation C-45. The draft law should be adopted without difficulty because of the liberal majority, despite the opposition of the conservatives and bloquistes.


The Bloc québécois has not imposed a directive to his elect, but they will vote against the legislation, said Ms. Ouellet in scrum, citing the refusal of Ottawa to listen to the grievances of Quebec as one of the reasons behind this opposition.

We are now focused on the goal of stopping this bill. Our caucus believe that this bill has big problems.
The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer

The conservative Party, it has imposed a party line to politicians, who will vote, therefore all the other hand, confirmed the spokesperson of the training, Virginie Bonneau. The only unknown variable : the vote of the member of parliament Scott Reid, which delivered its final vote in the hands of its constituents.


Among new democrats, the elected official who followed the folder, Don Davies, has recommended to his colleagues in caucus to support the bill, said a party spokesman.


But ultimately, the liberals have the numbers : the majority of which they have the Common will, without doubt, to C-45 to take the leadership of the Senate after the vote of Monday night.


The government of Justin Trudeau’s objective was to legalize the substance by July 2018 and hope that things will go smoothly in the upper house.


The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer warned last Thursday that the caucus of senators had to use “all democratic tools” to slow down the progression of the bill. “We are now focused on the goal of stopping this bill,” he said.


The desires expressed by the chief Scheer seem to please the chief bloquiste Martine Ouellet. The Senate is an institution as archaic, but “given that it is still there, “senators should” do a job for a postponement of the implementation ” of C-45, she said.


The leader bloquiste recalled that the national Assembly unanimously adopted a motion calling on the federal government to postpone for one year the entry into force of the law on the legalisation of cannabis.


The quebec government has however assured that it would be ready for summer 2018.

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