Legault calls for less protectionism and more hydropower

Legault plaide pour moins de protectionnisme et plus d’hydroélectricité

WASHINGTON – prime minister François Legault will enjoy his meetings in Washington to promote the hydro quebec among political leaders americans, in addition to pleading for less protectionism.

A visit to the u.s. capital to meet winter National Governors Association, Mr. Legault reiterated on Saturday his will to convince the administration to Trump to review the Buy American Act, including the issue of transport and infrastructure.

“There is an advantage to both parties not to have recourse to this kind of requirement,”, there is to know about these protectionist measures favouring the purchase of products and services american infrastructure projects launched in the United States.

“It is important to remain a partner and to have a free exchange real and a real opening”, he added during a press conference alongside the prime ministers of canada.

More concretely, François Legault has pointed out that Bombardier could be an important player in the construction of infrastructure of public transportation (metro, trains, trams, etc) in the United States, as there is no player in this industry which is american. Competitors of Bombardier in this area are chinese, German, and French, has insisted Mr. Legault.

In addition, the first quebec minister has also assured that it vanterait the merits of hydropower. He said that in addition to the contacts with Vermont, the Massachusetts or the State of New York, there are currently discussions with the City of New York to export more electricity.

“You have energy to offer, there is knowledge. It is important to keep this special relationship with the american States.”

In April, the New York city mayor Bill de Blasio has unveiled an ambitious plan to green – the “green new deal”, which includes the importation of electricity in québec by an underwater cable crossing lake Champlain and the Hudson river.

This re-launch of negotiations between the City of New York and Quebec could pay big dividends. It is a question of contract, potential sales of electricity of $ 10 billion over 20 years.

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