Legault open the port of the mask mandatory

Legault ouvert au port du masque obligatoire

The premier of Quebec, François Legault is open to the idea of expanding the obligation of wearing a mask in indoor public places, beyond the city of Montreal, but finds that it is necessary to go there step by step.

“I’m not closed to this decision. […] It must not exclude anything, including wearing a mask in all public places inside, ” said Mr. Legault, during a press in Saint Jerome.

He added that it had learned at the same time that all the world that the city was going to make the mask mandatory in indoor public places from July 27. Although it is not against the idea, he intends to discuss with the mayor Valérie Plant of the manner in which the regulations will be applied.

Also, a fifty protesters waited for the prime minister on his arrival at the theatre Gilles-Vigneault.

“This is a health crisis” imaginary “; ” sick people, there is very little “; ” we don’t want to be forced to get vaccinated “; “I don’t want my daughter to go to school with a mask “, shouted some, while others were calling for the head of the director of public Health Horacio Arruda.

“There are people who say: “there is not the virus”. I can’t agree with them, ” responded the prime minister in connection with the event

“But, there are others who wish to take account of the balance of inconvenience. […] Where I identify with these people, is that we cannot just look on the side of health. It is necessary to also look on the side of life,” said Mr. Legault, stressing that it is all a question of balance between risks to health in connection with the COVID-19, and other consequences.

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