Legault wants to take over the control of elder care

Legault veut reprendre le contrôle des soins aux aînés

Vincent Larin

While the deaths of elderly people accumulate, François Legault plans to nationalize the CHSLD private once the crisis has passed, in addition to accelerating the construction of the Houses of the elders.

The prime minister has, in particular, urged the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, to ensure quickly deliver on this promise, the flagship of the last election campaign.

The construction of the new Homes of the seniors will reduce the number of patients supported in each of the NURSING homes, ” said Mr. Legault.

“It is necessary that there is more space to prevent the fire from taking it as, a little, in a barn where there was hay, he said. […] People are too dense in NURSING homes.”

As to the CHSLD private non-subsidized, that are in the crosshairs since the horror at the residence Herron Dorval has been brought to light, we found a quarantine across the province.

Steps have already been undertaken to assess what that might involve their integration into the public network, confirmed Mr. Legault.

“We’re looking at when contracts end”, he recounted, pointing out that they are able, for the most part, soon-to-maturity.

“There would be an opportunity to transfer these CHSLD the public relatively easy way”, considers he.

Legault reply to Trudeau

Stung to the quick by the tone preachy borrowed by the prime minister Justin Trudeau on the situation in NURSING homes, François Legault urged Ottawa to increase federal transfers in health, which are past, in recent years, from 50% to 23%.

A little earlier, in the press conference, Mr. Trudeau has raised the possibility of putting NURSING homes under the auspices of parliament.

“If I have a request to do so, Mr. Trudeau, is that he will return to 50%. The rest of us, we’ll take care of managing the network”, said Mr. Legault.

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Call for volunteers

Moreover, after having begged doctors practitioners, healthcare students and employees who are absent from the network, Mr. Legault was invited Friday to anyone who wishes to, even without training, to come lend a hand in the CHSLD public to register on the platform “I contribute!”.

“We need you to come and look after our most vulnerable people,” said Mr. Legault.

All volunteers will be compensated, he recalled, stating that the aid of service, even without a qualification, earn 21,28$ per hour including the incentives have been extended until may 31.

Even if the situation remains under control in the region, the number of people infected with the Covid-19 and deaths continues to increase at a steady pace: Québec said Friday 97 deaths, including 70 in NURSING homes, and 778 additional cases.

Mr. Legault stressed that “patient is technically cured”, that we avoid returning to a CHSLD, are counted among the people who are hospitalized, which will inflate the current total of 1460.

Always more cases

Even if the situation remains under control in the region, the number of people infected with the Covid-19 and of dead continues to rise at a sustained pace: Quebec announced Friday that 97 deaths and 778 additional cases.

The prime minister has reported that the balance sheet now stands at 22 616 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mr. Legault said once again, nearly a hundred deaths. In Quebec, the coronavirus has done so far 1340 dead.

There is now 1460-infected persons on the floors of the hospital centres in quebec, which is 49 more than the previous day.

Among them, 227 are currently in intensive care, which accounts for 20 patients more than in the past.


The Houses of the elders

  • Original objective: 2600 new parking spaces by 2022 in the House of elders
  • + construction/renovation of 2500 places in NURSING homes
  • Budget: $ 2.6 billion
  • New commitment : to accelerate their construction, “the most possible” over the next year

Each home will offer :

  • 12 private rooms
  • individual bathrooms

More spacious, they will reduce the possibilities of spreading of viruses

As of the date of 24 April, the situation in Quebec is the following:

  • 22 616 confirmed cases (+ 778)
  • 1340 deaths (97 deaths)
  • 1460 people to be hospitalized (+ 49)
  • 227 people to the intensive care unit (+ 20)

Number of deaths by region

  • Bas-Saint-Laurent – 1
  • Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean – 17
  • Capitale-Nationale – 37
  • Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Quebec – 81
  • Estrie – 25
  • Montreal – 808
  • Ottawa – 2
  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue – 3
  • Coast-North – 0
  • Nord-du-Quebec – 0
  • Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine – 3
  • Chaudière-Appalaches – 7
  • Laval – 216
  • Lanaudière – 53
  • Montérégie – 70
  • Nunavik – 0
  • Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James – 0
  • Total: 1340

Number of cases by region

  • Bas-Saint-Laurent – 34
  • Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean – 261
  • Capitale-Nationale – 682
  • Mauricie-et-Centre-du-Québec – 1111
  • Estrie – 803
  • Montreal – 10 897
  • Ottawa – 236
  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue – 149
  • North Shore – 112
  • Nord-du-Québec – 7
  • Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine – 152
  • Chaudière-Appalaches – 355
  • Laval – 2482
  • Lanaudière – 1645
  • Montérégie – 2666
  • Nunavik – 14
  • Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James – 5
  • All of Quebec22 616

With Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

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