Legislative 2017: Farida Amrani files a complaint against X for “electoral fraud”

Farida Amrani, candidate France Insubordinate, beaten by Manuel Valls in legislative elections in the 1st constituency of Essonne. (Illustration) — AFP

Farida Amrani does not loose anything. The candidate of The France insubordinate (BIA), challenging the victory of the former Prime minister PS Manuel Valls in the Essonne, in the general elections of 2017, has filed a complaint against X for ” electoral fraud “, reveals to BuzzFeed News.

“Considerable differences”

According to the information of the Internet site that has been able to refer this complaint before the tribunal de grande instance (TGI) of Evry, “considerable differences of signatures between the first and second rounds” are observable for “a significant number of voters,” notes the lawyer of the candidate, Me Turnstile.

In addition, some lists would also ” signatures “double” ” characterized by the presence of a first signature in pencil, covered with ink signature. In total, according to the team of Farida Amrani, 141 signatures are dubious, mentions BuzzFeed, stating that if these irregularities were recognized by the constitutional Council, they could result in the invalidation of the election of Manuel Valls. Neither the latter, nor Farida Amrani, did you want to respond.

Here is one of the elements that we have. Signatures in pencil are covered in ink. #RecoursCC pic.twitter.com/r0TqPhEh9M

— F. Amrani, U. Rabate (@AmraniRabate17) June 28, 2017


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