GOVERNMENT The Prime Minister said Thursday evening on LCI not to “ask questions” about her future at Matignon, despite calls for resignation made by the opposition

Legislative 2022: Elisabeth Borne does “ask no questions” about her future at Matignon

Elisabeth Borne — SIPA

Asked Thursday evening on LCI as to the fact that she would « on borrowed time », Elisabeth Borne replied: « I'm not asking myself these kinds of questions, I'm the action. » The Prime Minister also said that she did not feel targeted by the spade of François Bayrou, who had called to what “ the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister is political, that one does not have the feeling that it is the technique which governs the country ». “ I do not feel targeted by this criticism », she assured, indicating that she had « had the opportunity to explain himself (Thursday) with François Bayrou ».

“ My objective is to provide the best answers to the French people and my conviction is that it is done through dialogue and that is what I have done throughout my life. professional », hammered again the Prime Minister. Asked if she was going to engage her responsibility; on July 5 in the Policy Statement, she said she “ not cut this point » again.

Blocking at; the Assembly

Regarding the risk of blocking at; the National Assembly where the macronie lost the majority absolute, she said to herself « very confident that we can find deputies to vote on texts because we have integrated their proposals ». “ No one has the monopoly on good ideas, dialogue and listening help to improve good projects. It must be a chance for France », she added. Elisabeth Borne also explained to feel “ armored », recognizing « avoid showing (one's) emotions too much ».

« Maybe I don't know how to express my emotions, and this must be true in my public life, let's say it may also be true in my personal life. I think that, here, this shielding, perhaps, goes a little far, yes, she added.

Orphan of father, ward of the Nation , a graduate of polytechnic before a brilliant professional career passed by the presidency of the RATP or the prefecture of the region of Poitou-Charentes, the head of government explained that she “ would like more French people to share the fact that we are a country it’s possible ».