Lemfo LEM10 – a decent clone of Apple Watch

Lemfo LEM10 – достойный клон Apple Watch

The Chinese are restless: his imagination is not enough, so violently encircle one Apple gadget after another. That Apple watch is not spared: made a clone with support for voice calls and full-featured Android on Board. After a lot of wearable devices on different variations of Android (firmware Amazfit Pace and Bip is also based on it), I was surprised — Lemfo LEM10 have the right to life. Just don’t buy them and expect to get a full-fledged competitor to the Apple Watch. Pfft, they are not even close.

A copy worthy of the original?

Lemfo LEM10 very similar to the Apple Watch. The average person can not tell — at least the first time. Upon closer inspection everything falls into place. Although the top is closed, one-piece glass plate with rounded edges, the rear hours of plastic. All this is mounted on a wide plastic frame.

Lemfo LEM10 – достойный клон Apple Watch

To control LEM10 are encouraged to use the touchscreen to tap and a few plastic buttons. Wide enables, disables the screen and returns to the main screen. Button-the wheel is spinning, but only pressing “Back”function.

Instead of the usual for such wearable devices, silicone wristband in the package the manufacturer offers a stretch bracelet made of fabric elastic. If desired, it is changed to any watch band width 28 millimeters. Second leather can be found in the box with the watch. Use the standard (not quick release) mount.

Unusual IPS that are not happy

As the display used IPS-matrix with a diagonal of 1.88 inch and corrupting 360 320 pixels. Bit. For wearable electronics more suitable for OLED-matrix with a function of Always-On. Every time you touch the button frankly uncomfortable, and a double tap almost does not help.

Lemfo LEM10 – достойный клон Apple Watch

The screen is quite bright, but the sun due to glare read bad. Multi-touch 2 touch. Enough: more than 2 fingers still on the screen will not fit.

Watch or smartphone? All together

As a platform selected the same processor as in the previously discussed LEM T: 8-core platform for smartphones come from the past. In conjunction with the screen resolution and 3 GB of RAM (although there is an option on gigabytes less) the clock can run absolutely everything with no lag, brakes and other adverse events.

A slot for a SIM card, which is hiding behind the pair of bolts on the rib, gives the ability to make calls and even use 4G. Works in all local bands. Via Bluetooth good music with the built-in player, and 32GB storage. The launch of Google Maps, you have a timepiece handy wrist Navigator with an integrated GPS module.

The usual stitching and unusual interface

Lemfo LEM10 – достойный клон Apple Watch

We should also mention a good interface. The native launcher is more convenient standartnews smart hours on Android. Almost like Android Wear. And all themes are nice, invented. And his own set, but some popular may have problems with displaying the desktop.

Lemfo LEM10 – достойный клон Apple Watch

Despite the preinstalled Android 7.1, the selection of apps is small: many are not optimized for the screen resolution, refuse to even install, let alone run. If you use “illegal” methods by Google Play, you can run a piece of Asphalt 8 (most of them hidden behind the display frame). Works quickly, if it can be considered work.

If you want you can put Chrome, but it is superfluous: the built-in browser and optimized for size, so to browse through it easier. And Yes, even open YouTube, although it and other Google services have a predefined set of standard applications. A built-in app to track your activity at all endows this wrist smartphone features a fitness tracker.

However, no direct sync even with Google Fit, but no one bothers to use a proprietary application to bypass its own functions LEM10. Watches perfectly convey the data in any. And, more importantly, to adequately consider how the heart rate and the steps/distance.

5 scenarios for a single device

To say that Lemfo LEM10 I was surprised — not to say anything.

On the one hand, this is the perfect thrash. Even Xiaomi and Amazfit clone Apple Watch is obtained with difficulty. On the other hand, the device interesting weight Chinese smart watches and can compete even with the notorious Amazfit. And here’s why. In output mode alerts LEM10 live about 5 days. Active use of the training regime puts the battery already for a couple of days, and it’s not fun.

But when you use the watch as a smartphone the battery ends per working day. And that’s frankly sad, because what makes a great working smartphone. Watch reference to Google urgent question or find an example, even an electric circuit it is possible to outline. But painfully sad time. Moreover, the built-in voice assistant is a smart taxis smart home and is working with Mi Home. This is a rare opportunity.

Lemfo LEM10 – достойный клон Apple Watch

Why would a smartphone if all working functions of the smart bracelet, watches, and main gadget performs one wearable accessory That, among other things, is not afraid of water and bumps (not on the screen, of course).

For the money OK, but not Apple Watch

Lemfo LEM10 need every night to be recharged. But it negates a possibility. The Apple Watch, in General, can do all the same thing — only much better and more reliable. In the same range are fancy models Xiaomi Amazfit who live up to 5 days but in training as well with GPS wasting battery during the day.

Lemfo LEM10 – достойный клон Apple Watch

Perhaps, for those working hands, this watch can be recommended for trial. The experience of using interesting. Even close to the Apple Watch they are not chosen, but apart from this fact turn out worthy of its price. What do you think about wrist smartphones? Would’ve taken that from Apple or a major brand?

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