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In the mood for a real good thriller ? If the answer is yes, then no need to look any further !

A native of Christchurch, New Zealand, Paul Cleave has long been a pawnbroker before turning to writing full-time. This perhaps explains the small touches of humor that one finds in most of his novels. You will be able to quickly appreciate the subtleties with this seventh thriller, the plot of which takes place this time in the United States. Or, more specifically, to Acacia Pines, a city where, 12 years ago, Noah Harper was a police officer. Was, because it fell at nothing to find Alyssa Stone, a young girl of seven years missing. And when it is said that he fell in front of nothing, we do not exaggerate really not : as soon as he was alone with the prime suspect, he has not hesitated to tie up and beat up thoroughly in the hope of discovering where was withholding the small Alyssa. This has come to bear fruit, since he could find her safe and sound a few hours later. But after such outburst of violence, Noah has lost everything : his job, his wife and his hometown, the sheriff having ordered never to set foot.

Paul Cleave
Editions Sonatine
416 pages”>

Paul Cleave

Editions Sonatine
416 pages

In the eye of the cyclone

Why tell all this ? Because Alyssa has disappeared. Even if she now has the age to do almost everything she wants, her dying father is convinced that she is not part of his own head. It is surely something happened and to have the heart net, he will ask Noah to find her. A request that the latter can not refuse because of the promise he once made to Alyssa : if a villain gentleman was returning the look, he would be there to save her.

Ah, one last thing : the twists and turns and is followed without look like, this thriller is particularly addictive.

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