Lessard impressive

Lessard impressionnant

DAYTONA BEACH | Use all the superlatives to describe the first race of Raphael Lessard yesterday evening at the circuit of Daytona in the series of the pickup trucks of NASCAR.

The young quebec driver, who had completed his first laps of wheel the previous day, was simply awesome on the daunting path of two miles and a half, even if he did cross the finish at the 20th position.

While he was in second place with seven laps to go and was struggling to get to the top, Lessard saw his car be destabilized. Deported to the interior, Lessard has avoided the case, but the damage was done.

The race, of the most lively, especially in its last part, was won by Grant Enfinger, who won by a… nose in front of Jordan Anderson and Codie Rohrbaugh. All three have managed to finish with less than a hundredth of a second apart.

Canadians Jason White and Stewart Friesen have finished 10th and 21st, respectively.

“As a veteran”

“I’ve learned a lot, said Lessard, the output of his car. Many have thought, I imagine, that this was not the first time that I ran here at Daytona. ”

The driver, aged just 18 years old has demonstrated a level of maturity out of the ordinary.

“Yes, I believe that I behaved like a veteran, he said. From now on, I have a good idea on how to ride in a group and enjoy the suction. I’m happy and the team has told me that she was very proud of myself. ”

Saved by the scout

Lessard does not believe that it has been pushed by an opponent before leaving the trajectory of the race in the end of course.

“I felt nothing, he told. But it may be that the driver behind me is too close and it has created the turbulence. ”

After being rushed to the eighth rank when the starting signal has been given, Lessard has managed to avoid an accident which took place in front of him on lap 14. We saw it fall back quickly to the inside of the track on the advice of his spotter Tony Raines.

“Thank you, Tony, said Lessard on the radio waves. Nice work. ”

This spectacular accident has forced the official to pause the test for up to seven minutes to get out the driver Ty Majeski of his unfortunate position.

His car was found on the roof after the impact.

Learn the hard way

Kyle Busch, the owner of the stable KBM, which starts Lessard, has followed with interest this event exciting.

It has particularly sent a tweet after twenty rounds stating that, ” Lessard was very happy with his van, but he learned the hard way. ”

Encouragement from the boss

Before participating in the qualifying session, during which he placed eighth yesterday afternoon, Raphael Lessard has been able to count on the encouragement of his boss, Kyle Busch, who runs the young quebec driver in the series of the vans in Gander Outdoors. The double Cup champion NASCAR has not hidden be very excited by the performances of his young protégé, who discovered the famous circuit Daytona at the end of the week.