Lesya Nikityuk admitted that she dreams about strong family

Леся Никитюк призналась, что мечтает о крепкой семье

Famous TV host not talks about his novels, but admits that he dreams about strong and happy family. However, while she was unable to find the same.

At this point, Lady Le with the head immersed in the work. Les told the publication “Facts” as she sees the man next.

So, Lady Le noted that it is not like greedy men. At the same time, to rational men the contrary, to be treated with sympathy.

“The rational man looks at the check and pays attention to how much money is spent. He is attentive to costs — this is normal. The redneck always has no money, he constantly forgets wallet, and he did with the cards does not go away. I immediately see redneck. With such a man just couldn’t be there,” said Lesya.

Leading notes that she can never be with wealthy men for gifts and financial benefits. It more like a promising young man, whom she is ready to support your endeavors in every way to assist him.

“I like talented players. Think it is important to assess the potential of men before you fall in love. What’s his grasp of education whether he is ready to move on?” says Les.

In addition, Lesya Nikityuk decided to talk about the qualities she looks for in men. According to her, a man can be at the start of a career, and she’s ready to help him in everything. Instead, she wants to get from him is honesty, integrity and loyalty.

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