Let’s talk about sex-4. 3 issue (video)

Let’s talk about sex-4.

 Давай поговоримо про секс-4. 3 випуск (відео)

The hero of the new edition of the show Ruslan – modern “Othello”! The wife of the hero Olesya turned to the project, as it is sure that this is the last chance to prove to the husband-the jealous man his loyalty, reports Rus.Media.

Ruslan jealousy sometimes comes to the absurd, because the man is sure that his wife slept with the neighbor – alcoholic, suspects her of cheating on him with his brother. The experts of the project let’s talk about sex-4 told how to prove his loyalty to her husband, Othello. Why do women choose a husband jealous? Exactly how jealousy leads to infertility?

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