Letter to the CEO of Radio-Canada

Letter to the CEO of Radio-Canada

Dear Catherine Tait,

If I am speaking to you, it is because the suggestion I want to make requires immediate action. You are surely capable of getting Radio-Canada moving quickly.

In case you didn't know – which would surprise me, your knowledge of the French-speaking environment being remarkable – every time one of my columns deals with Radio-Canada, I receive dozens of emails from viewers nostalgic for Beaux Dimanches. or Concert time . These readers should not be taken for backward-looking backsliders. They only want Radio-Canada to once again become the beacon that has brought Quebec from great darkness to modernity.

Of the eight million francophones in the country, more than a third live too far from theaters to be able to go there regularly and, often, the slowness of their internet discourages them from drawing there cultural nourishment which they no longer find at. your television. It's true that you also have ARTV, but you have to pay extra to watch it. Moreover, if you took a critical look at this specialty channel, you would see that there are few programs that justify its “artistic” name.


But I come to my suggestion. Since last night, on the orders of the François Legault government, theaters in the major regions of Quebec have had to lower their curtains. In principle until October 28, but no one is fooled. Lent is unlikely to be prolonged. Maybe until next spring.

If I'm not talking about cinema, it's because you can see almost all the films you want on television, except the very last ones. The ones you have to pay for cost less than in the theater. Someday, theaters will become obsolete, except for a few special films.

With a simple snap of your fingers, you can, dear Mrs. Tait, save the world of theater and music from the abyss into which the new sanitary rules have plunged them. You urgently need to resuscitate tele-theaters and concert hours. You will have no trouble finding the banal shows that these can replace.


Thanks to you, hundreds of thousands of spectators will be able to see King Dave, The boy from Quebec, De ta force de vivre, Prélude à la nuit des rois, Pierre et le loup, Adieu Monsieur Haffmann, The human voice and so on. Musicians from the OSM, the Orchester Métropolitain, I Musici and all the other ensembles will find an audience.

These plays, this opera, these concerts are all ready. They have been repeated and only await a large audience. Be careful, their producers, performers and musicians must receive fair fees. I hope that Radio-Canada will not take advantage of their precarious situation to have them at a discount. It is also necessary to plan the necessary budget to produce quality recordings.

Do not object that Radio-Canada has no money. The budget on which you are lucky enough to count will surely allow you to find the necessary accommodations. When there is an emergency, when the performing arts are in danger and an institution is as responsible as yours, there is always a way to make do, as they say.

Finally, icing on the sundae, dear Madame Tait, perhaps you will discover that neither Les beaux Dimanches nor L'heure du concert should have been abandoned.

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