Levis: the suspects wanted in connection with several robberies

Lévis: des suspects recherchés en lien avec plusieurs vols

The police Department of the City of Lévis has been a busy last Sunday, including several interventions in the area of robbery. Several suspects are being actively sought.

Two robberies occurred on Sunday. One of them occurred at the location of the Canadian Tire store, on route du président-Kennedy, Lévis.

To 10: 15 a.m., an individual 29 years of age, intoxicated by drugs, showed up at the store for a shoplifting.

“He got caught by the store manager. It took the leak to the race when the director tried to challenge it. The suspect then returned to the inside of the store and pushed a cashier. He was overpowered by customers and employees,” explains Maxime Pelletier, a spokesman at the SPVL.

Police were already en route when the suspect returned to the store. It was rapidly stopped. The cashier who was knocked suffered no injuries.

The man was arrested, then brought to the police station. It was already the subject of conditions, and promise, according to the spokesperson.

He must appear in court today for robbery, breach of condition and breach of promise.

A little earlier the same day, a robbery took place in a convenience store in the sector of Saint-Étienne. The event occurred around 6: 15. The event is still the subject of an investigation, the SPVL is unable to disclose additional information. However, two suspects related to this case are currently being sought.

He fled with$ 15,000 in jewelry

Always the same day, a shoplifting occurred at the Galeries Chagnon, a shopping mall located on the boulevard Alphonse-Desjardins.

A young man in the twenties is presented in a jewellery shop to buy a gold chain.

“When the clerk pulled out the string, he grabbed from the display in full and is party to the race,” explains the spokesperson. The value of the jewellery stolen amounted to approximately$15,000.

Several witnesses saw the scene, but no one has been able to stop it.

“There has been a lot of sweep, in vain. He is still sought after,” says Mr. Pelletier.

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