Lewis Hamilton gave the dying boy a real racing car

PHOTO : TASS / Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/PA Images


The magic of Lewis Hamilton. Five-time champion of “Formula-1” has made a unique gift to terminally ill boy. Five year old Harry, the Show brought a real racing car of Hamilton. Read more at sportswriter “MIR 24” Dmitry Kalugin.

While Lewis Hamilton is fighting for a sixth world title, his biggest fan Harry Show is a desperate duel with a deadly disease. That though as-that to support the boy, Hamilton gave him not only his racing car, but the prize for winning the Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Seeing the morning outside his home the car of your favorite racing driver and trophy, Harry first time in weeks smiled, despite the fact that the very Hamilton to the meeting could not come. Parents Harry say that the absence of Lewis the child was treated with understanding and still have experienced huge emotions. And even found the strength to record a new video message to the driver.

“Hey, Lewis Hamilton. Thank you for the gifts. I wish you good luck in the race. I am very proud of you, good-bye,” said the boy.

Harry has a very rare incurable form of cancer. Back in April the doctors said he had only weeks to live, but the boy continues to struggle.

“Harry is a very active boy, he played Rugby and never cry. He’s a fighter and never gives up. That is why he is still alive. We are so proud of our little boy,” said the child’s father James Shaw.

Willpower Harry had imbued himself Lewis Hamilton. Victory at the recent Spanish Grand Prix the Briton dedicated to him. After the race he called the boy by his guardian angel, and later wrote Harry a touching letter.

“You’re such a strong boy. I would like to be as strong as you are. I want the world to see how strong you are, so I send you my best wishes and prayers in this difficult time for you. Send their love to you, Harry. Be healthy. Your friend, Lewis”, – stated in the message.

Do not give up and Harry’s parents: they organized a Fund to combat rare cancer of their son. In a short time have managed to collect more than one hundred thousand pounds.