Lexson Mathieu is paused

Lexson Mathieu s’est mis en pause

Confined in his apartment in Quebec, Lexson Mathieu patient. The rise before the crisis of the COVID-19 hits with full force, the young boxer has seen his plans for the spring fly in smoke when the planet sport is placed between parentheses, but only 20 years of age, Mathieu has a map enviable in his game.

Mathieu (8-0, 7 K.-O.) is an exception, since her professional debut, at the age of 19. Rare are the boxers in Quebec that have made the noble art their livelihood at such a young age.

Nicknamed The Next One, Matthew was not afraid to forge ahead, to achieve his dreams, and must admit that the strategy has paid off until now so that its progression takes place at speed large V.

The pugilist had to also fight for the belt NABF super-means the 14 march, in the final, before the pandemic puts K. O. the gala of its promoter.

By winning, he would become the youngest boxer to delight in this title that once belonged to Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal, while making its entry in the top 15 in the world of the WBC.

Tipping Point

The principal and his coach, Francois Duguay, agree that this forced break is far from ideal for an athlete banging on the doors of the major leagues of his sport.

However, they know all too well that they have the luxury to wait, since the career of Mathieu has just begun. Mathieu has signed a new five-year agreement on march 19, with the promoter Camille Estephan.

“With Lexson, it was currently at the tipping point where the struggle of the march 14, for the belt, NABF, we would have given everything a boost. It would have enabled us to take off on the hats of wheels with a gala of boxing in Quebec. Finally, there has been a push and they made us switch to the other edge.

“Lexson is a young, it is brand new, it was 20 years ago […] When we are going to relaunch the machine, we will then take off. Lexson is a little guy very serious when it is time to train […] I know that he is able to return to the top level. You give me eight weeks, and we will put it back on the right track, ” explained Duguay in an interview by videoconference with The Journal in the company of her foal.

The closure of training rooms and gyms prevents the boxers to continue their development pending the resumption of activities after confinement.

Unlike most athletes that share their training routine at home on social networks, Mathieu has decided to offer a break to his body.

“For me, this is not a problem to recover [the form]. The problem is that I lose the progress I could have been having in continuing to train me. I would have had a progression. Currently, I do not improve, and when I go again, I’m just going to recover. It has disadvantages “, has exposed the protected Eye of the Tiger Management.


Mathieu refused to be defeated by the cancellation of the march 14.

“I try not to think too much about it, because if you think always that you have lost […] it will just put me in the negative. I can’t control it and I think of what I can do. Eat well, keep myself in shape and be ready for my next event. I can’t think of the fighting [planned] after [the march 14], it is a big loss, and everyone is the loser in this situation. ”

“I prefer to wait until life begins again”

Lexson Mathieu has not gone through four paths to explain why he had chosen not to put shorts and sneakers since the beginning of the confinement.

“I don’t have bags with me, I don’t have a ring […] I prefer to wait until life begins again. I am not a “stické” to the boxing training. Life is on pause, people can not work and I can’t beat me. I can’t train me “, he replied.

This exceptional situation does not, however, prevent to eat well by following his usual diet.

“Training is one thing, but one of the larger parties to stay in shape and healthy, it is the power supply. It is necessary to avoid the sugar. I eat a lot of vegetables. There are many people who think that it is necessary to eat red meats to pick up their protein, but I try to avoid it. I find my protein in my vegetables and my carbs (carbohydrates). In addition, I drink a lot of water, ” she said the boxer of Quebec.

Present Moment

Without training, Mathieu furniture so its time to different way since a few weeks. His family is currently at the heart of its priorities.

“I spend time with my family by the social networks and I speak to the world with that it was time that I had not spoken. I listen to movies and I take the time to discuss with my relatives, ” agreed the champion junior NABF.

The return to normal is not for tomorrow, Matthew is careful to say when he thinks back into the ring in an official context.

“Personally, I have no idea. I live from day to day, I don’t plan anything for tomorrow, for the coming weeks and months to come. ”

“In boxing, we are trying a lot of focus on the present moment and everything that happened and everything that is coming in the future, we have no control over that. We enjoy the moment, ” said the coach Francis Duguay.

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