LG has patented a pen that can replace a smartphone

LG запатентовала ручку, которая может заменить смартфон

It seems that LG has decided to revive the stylus the company patented an unusual pen and screen functions of the smartphone. Reported by PhoneArena.

Lately appeared a lot of rumors about the upcoming release of the updated S Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The stylus needs to obtain unique pieces, like Bluetooth support, music controls, and others. LG запатентовала ручку, которая может заменить смартфонPerhaps in the device development company helps LG. Under the plans, the stylus has two displays: big and small.

The first is hidden in the body and can be pull out when needed – it’s flexible and large enough.

The second is designed to display the time, notifications, helpful shortcuts, and applications. LG запатентовала ручку, которая может заменить смартфонThe only question is – what is this gadget necessary? It seems that LG wants to replace his traditional invention of the smartphone.

The patent also describes the possibility to connect the stylus to any smart device and use it like a normal pen.

With the help of it you can write on plain paper, and all that is written will automatically appear, for example, on the tablet. LG запатентовала ручку, которая может заменить смартфон But the list of features of the gadget does not end. It want to put a gyroscope, electronic compass, distance meter and pressure, a camera, a retinal scanner, fingerprint sensor, microphone and speaker.

Imagine how LG will be able to fit it all into a tiny case, very difficult.


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