LGBT propaganda in American schools and kindergartens has caused outrage parents

Reading that the parents of pupils of schools of the County Loudoun, Virginia, were outraged by the books that were laid out in the classroom, I am reminded of the words of Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin: “Wanted as better, it turned out as always”.

ЛГБТ пропаганда в американских школах и детсадах вызвала возмущение родителей

Let’s look at the essence of the conflict. In the United States this year launched a new training programme in “library initiative for diversity classes.” At first glance, a very good thing, because in the framework of this program was assumed by the distribution of books in schools to introduce children to different cultures and ethnic groups. The program came with a list of books. And then the parents noticed that in the list offer to educate children literature, too many books were clearly sexual in nature. Ie they talked about diversity, but just sexual. The books described the frequent underage drinking, petting, Masturbation, orgasms, oral sex, sexual intercourse, sexual assault, rape, incest.

Moreover, in the books, which were distributed in kindergartens, attended by outspoken LGBT advocacy, for example, a book called “My Princess boy”. Especially angered parents that in heads of 5-6 year old children was invested in the idea that they can change their gender. Was there, for example, books with such titles: “Heather has two mommies”, denying the need for fathers, or “Beyond Magenta: transgender Teens speak out”, “Strange girl and her name”, (showing a positive relationship between a boy and his boss or a relationship between a girl and her teacher), and also: “being jazz: my life as a transgender teenager”. As didn’t fit this content with the stated theme of exploring cultural and ethnic groups. No books about the culture and traditions of the Indians, no you stories about the cultural diversity of the Papuans or of the pygmies in Africa.

Thus literary language, which was written the above opus, was so obscene and gross that at a recent school Board meeting a member of its Board joy Maloney, who originally supported the spread of such “masterpieces”, said that the meeting was not “appropriate atmosphere” to hear such expressions. Apparently, given parents quotes a little sobered a Board member by calling him such irony.

At this meeting it was found and other important facts. According to the testimony of Ashley Ellis, assistant senior instructor, employees of the public school district Loudon not even read these books about “diversity”. Their selection was involved in some “specialists” and “experts on libraries”. That also leads to some reflections.

The author of the article about this incident, American social activist, Director of family policy at the American Foundation projects — Anne Anderson, expresses the opinion that it is very dangerous trend in the U.S. is that at some stage the function of sex education, especially in such sensitive matters as LGBT and various sexual deviations from the norm, and especially the possibility of sex change, goes to the competence of parents unfamiliar people. It turns out that state schools County Loudoun pose a serious barrier to the ability of parents to engage in the moral education of their children and they have no way to determine which books will have access to their child, and in fact, as shown by this story, some of the books range from the threat of gender ideology to practically porn.

Dmitry Borisenko

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