Liberal daring

Liberal daring

By announcing the closure of Parliament and a new Speech from the Throne, Justin Trudeau invoked the need for boldness in the face of the scale of the challenges posed by COVID.

The crisis is historic, both at the health and economic level. Governments have no choice but to think outside the box.

Admittedly, it took some daring to pay nine million Canadians $ 500 a week to stay at home, or subsidize wages up to 75%.

Justin Trudeau, therefore, promised us that Phase 2 would be just as daring.

However, the only audacity he had was to claim that Ottawa could better protect the elderly with loss of autonomy and ensure a family doctor for every Canadian!

Instead of offering a clear vision, he demonstrated that his government is stuck with ideas.

Slogans and recycling

“Now is not the time for austerity” will certainly win the palm of the empty phrases in this speech from the throne!

The women's action plan for a recovery “from a feminist and intersectional perspective” is no exception.

The list is long.

We even had a “strategy for the resilience of the middle class and those working hard to join it”. And I who believed that this was the essence of their 2015 electoral platform!

Day care centers, high speed internet, energy efficient renovation, water strategy, these are promises 1000 times recycled by the Liberals.

We are left with the sad impression that Justin Trudeau is offering us to “rebuild better” with old things, as in home renovation reality shows.


In recent weeks, the Trudeau government had invoked the threat of the second wave to temper expectations.

Extending the wage subsidy, improving assistance for businesses, and overhauling employment insurance are certainly welcome measures. Just like the latest contract to secure an additional 20 million doses of a potential vaccine.

Let's say that we remain in continuity.

But what about THE thing that would make all the difference right now? Speed up approval of rapid screening tests?

Boldness has its limits. It would be political interference in science, it seems. Too bad if the medical staff in the provinces collapsed under the pressure of screening.

At least the Trudeau government had the audacity to be candid.

“The course of events will determine when the work to be done will have to be done. ”

Read here, don't hold your breath.

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